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April 09, 2010



The Mall Ninjas was the funniest comment stream I have read! Thanks for the link.


You're welcome. I thought I was gonna tear a muscle laughing at it myself.

Tim Huffman

Hysterical satire (I hope)! I almost commented at 4 & 20 Blackbirds when "Black Flag" showed up, but watching you chase him chasing his tail made my head hurt after a while. Where do you start with that "natural law" horseshit? I bet he's all stove up about illegal immigration, for example, so I guess it only applies to white people. And if you want electricity to make it to your computer, that's a lot of miles of wire to be defended, and on, and on, and on... Anyway, Thanks.

Mike and Iris

Holy Crap!!! Visions of Seth Rogen danced through my mind as I read the Shrine of the Mall Ninja ... Hilarious :D

Great stuff.


Being a "gun nut", an ex-armed security officer, and having hung out on a number of gun forums, this was priceless. Thanks Wulfgar. I have heard references to the "Mall Ninja" before but didn't understand them at the time. Now I know what they are refering to.


Mark  T

Black Flag is interesting in that he embodies the whole of the purified philosophy of free markets without reservations of any kind. Even Budge rejects him.

As such, he is the perfect vehicle to highlight the weaknesses of that mode of thought.

First, most of his hypotheses are not testable, and so align with religious faith.

Second, even when small pieces of his larger body of beliefs are put into practice, disaster often follows. So he's been falsified.

This highlights why we cannot debate free marketers - their ideas are more akin to religious belief than science.

Nonetheless, I find him interesting, and he does have his own web site.



Mark, Black Flag professes knowledge and skill he obviously doesn't have. He's not interesting. But he is religious ...

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