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March 22, 2010


Montana Cowgirl

Yeah. Fuck you John McCain. Republicans call this leadership?


When have the Republicans cooperated? I don't recall any grand bipartisan accomplishments during the past year.


i am beginning to see a very cagey obama holding a dripping paint brush with republicans backed into a corner.

i think republicants are wearing out their welcome with most of the american public.
my fear that they would begin to mute their message to appear more main stream does not appear to be materializing. these crazy bastards are moving even further into uncharted territory of right wing insanity.

good. i think they will be lucky to win more than ten house seats this november and they will lose 6. the senate will see no more than 3 net gain for repubs as well.

by 2012, with a little help from the economy, progressives will be able to even take some seats away from them.

Republicans call this leadership?

I think that's my biggest problem with McCain actually, Cowgirl. The Republicans don't call this leadership, but the media seems obsessed that it is.

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