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February 13, 2010



Zombies have definitely gone main stream... Check out page 28 of the March issue of Outdoor life (the annual survival issue). The title of the article is "Zombie Guns".


Zombies are free. Zombies have gone Gault. Zombies don't need foodstamps or Obamacare. Then too in the time of the zombies the non zombies will be freed to stand alone, proud and brave, or in small groups, to fight on their own, with no stinking nanny government herding them like sheep.

Obviously the Russians aren't coming or the terrorists either since they don't have boats or planes so we need a new threat to fill our daydreams. The daydreams where the comforts of the pussified modern world are left behind and individuals are left to prove themselves. The daydreams of romantic misanthropes.

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