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February 28, 2010



He's so handsome! Can't wait to meet him.

Didn't you give your mom a digital slr? I'm sure she'd let you use it if you asked nicely. :)

Dave Merriman

So, did he drag the piano after him when he took off after you got the pic? :-)


He's a pretty dog. Congratulations on having another boy in the house.

Eric Coobs

I hope you guys have fun. I grew up around those kinds of dogs, and I've always liked German Shepherds. If he's like the ones I remember, they really don't grow up and turn into a 'good dog' until they're about two, so you've got at least six months of 'puppy' left to go. I hope you blog about him once in a while -

Mike McKay

Ha!!! Ok, so funny story here. Lately I have been having weird issues with people in Missoula just coming up to me and challenging me to fights. The last time was about a month ago in a restaurant when some guy interrupted a family meal to call me a douchebag. Needless to say, I get a little defensive when I see someone motioning me to pull over when driving. Anyways, at first I couldn't figure out that you were motioning to me, and then I couldn't quite see you when I drove by so I thought you were another whacko. I try not to get into fights anymore with Iris around because I don't want to upset her, so I just drove away... Footnote to the story: About a day later my short term memory started clearing up and I thought... that guy looked a lot like Rob.....Nawwwww!! :)



Sorry, Mike. We weren't going to be there long; just long enough to pick up the dog.

When I looked behind me, I actually recognized Iris first, because I couldn't quite see you in the glare. Then I noticed 'big blond guy driving' and said "That has to be Mike". I hoped you'd recognize the car. I tried to stick my head out the window but almost strangled myself on the seat belt. Next time, man.


Craig Moore

Since he's German teach him, "Scheiße hier."

Craig Moore

By the way, don't let him date any of the gals named, "Flügelmutter."

Since he's German teach him, "Scheiße hier."

Don't have to. He seems to get that one.

Montana Cowgirl

That's a cute dog!

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