February 24, 2010


Craig Moore

She looks nasty. Does your wife know about your lust for death?


Yes, actually.


Dave Merriman

I'm thinking that after hearing that, she may not HAVE any gay friends left.

Larry Kralj

If you really want to understand this mentality and these type of folks, you must spend a great deal of time listening to the American Family Values channel on the radio some time. It consists of 24/7 mindboggling, mindnumbing hate propaganda wrapped in psuedo-christianity. It truly is increbidle. In fact, I suggest that EVERYONE force themselves to listen to it for an entire day. And then, you will begin to understand just where this hatred comes from. It is progaganda as good as it gets. And if one listens continually, it begins to shape your world view and make sense. This channel is pure, unadulterated, rightwing fascism. I tune in regularly just to be amazed at how sophisticated it is, and just to see where these folks get their talking points. I think it's important to know what motivates the haters.

If you can understand exactly how this girl is influenced, then you can see why she can say these horrible things with absolutely no qualms. It's really very sad.

Craig Moore

Can't do it Larry. I'm frozen by the picture like a deer in the headlights. She reminds me of one of Willy Nelson's Keno girls who could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.

Dave Merriman

"American Family" values, huh? Which one -- the Mansons?


Craig, you just hit the heart of it, either wittingly or not. Every ad exec knows that "sex sells ____ ", and they leave it to the customer to fill in the blank. In truth, sex sells ideas, and beauty sells the idea of sex. Lauren Ashley is beautiful, of that there can be no doubt. So was Carrie Prejean. They're being used to sell the idea that sex is oh-so-good, but 'that kind' of sex deserves murder. That's pretty damned evil, if you ask me. If that comes through in her picture, then all for the best.

Craig Moore

Wulfgar, when you go before St. Finger, I think he will understand.


And here I thought St. Finger was Prejean's patron ...

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