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January 28, 2010


Craig Moore

Do you really think this will be a hot seller in Bozeman? Link


I don't know how well a $500 PDA will sell. When Palm invented the PDA in 1996 I doubt they were this much. Actually one of the worst selling Palm products was the Lifedrive, although advanced, it carried a $400 price tag. And, because the Itampon doesn't offer CDMA but only GSM we are going to lack full data support from a real carrier here in Montana (Chinook hardly counts.) If I want a real slate I can get the HP Slate. If I want an Ipod, I'll buy one of those. But this is just anemic with its 1ghz cpu, and cell phone OS.


I have to laugh at Sullivan. First off he can lambast Apple all he wants. But they are the company with $50b in cash in the bank and $50b in revenue every year, and they are the leading mobile tech company out there--bigger than either Nokia or samsung.

So if you're going to criticize Apple, you should at least know something about what you speak.

First off, Apple did not hype their product. Far from it. Until yesterday at 10am, there wasn't a squeak from the company about it. And today? No commercials on TV. No print or radio ads. The hype, that existed, came from outside the company.

Next, technically, Sullivan got the following points wrong;

1) It will plug into my home theater. With the 30 pin dock connector and cord, or wirelessly to my Mac Mini, which is connected, also.

2) DVR/PVR media transfer? Not if the cable companies can prevent it. If you want to move low res material off there, and some people do, you can put it in iTunes and sync to the iPad. I occasionally hook my DVR up to my Mini and move content over

3) Next gen gaming platform? Game developers are drooling over Apples A4 processor that powers it. There is nothing in the handheld market like it.

4) Netflix or something like it built in? Let's see. Go to the App store, and you can find Apps to stream YouTube and a gaggle of other sorts of media. Netflix streaming, though, rests on Netflix to provide support, and their CEO said a few days ago: "it's something we will get around to."

5) Flash? Flash needs to die. HTML5 and H.264 are far better propositions for video. Networking? It's got wireless and bluetooth. HDMI? Why--it's not DVR. Multitasking? Criminies--it runs on unix. Of course it has multitasking.

6) Storage? it has up to 64gb, not the just the 16gb he says.

7) Camera. It has no built in. But there are already camera accessories announced for the dock. GPS? The 3G model has AGPS.

Then he whines about all the things that cheapo netbook lovers whine about: non removable battery (why remove a battery with 10 hours life and a 5 year life-cycle?); Keyboards? It has multiple varieties of virtual keyboards, and anybody can add a new one with an App--like scientific calculators, etc; It has a dock for a real external keyboard. It works with wireless keyboards.

"But since I can do all it does and more on a tablet, it would make more sense to just buy a new laptop/tablet."

Pure dishonesty. His "tablet" cannot run any App Store apps. It can do a fraction of what the iPad can.

Anyways, I look at Sullivan's take, and it is so off base, I almost think he wrote it so Apple-istas like me could come to places like this and take the bait and set the record straight.

Oh, and I'm sure you guys are going to sell a ton of these at the U. Oh, and as to the "Apple Sandbox," the iBooks App that comes with the iPad uses the ePub open standard. So you'll probably be selling a lot fewer books and more iPads as the lock on the print book market begins to move more and more to ebooks.


JC, you'll have to trust me on this, but Jon does indeed know his stuff. And if you read the comments to his iPad posts, you'll see fairly clearly that he does say and do things just to be contrary. (He used to post pictures of fossils and show how they were obviously faked.) His argument is taking place mostly with his wife. Do you think that might have something to do with why he posted it?

Please forgive me if you don't see that. I've been the man's good friend for over 30 years. To me, it's obvious when he's yanking chains, and he definitely yanked yours. That's not a bad thing; I'm just saying that that's how he gets his amusement.

I don't want to get too far into the subject of open source books just yet. In the future, however, we will probably be discussing that a lot. But it should be noted that the ePub standard is insecure, and Apple locks in most all profit from the sales of their merchandise. If we do trade book sales for MaxiPad sales, myself and many many good people will likely be out of a job. I'm sure you can see how that thought doesn't really amuse me.

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