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December 01, 2009



i once considered myself a pretty tough guy on a construction worksite but i think i had to wear sunglasses for at least two weeks after a special dog of mine died many years ago just so the general contractor and the other subs couldn't see the tears. cried over that dog at least a million times more than i ever did a human. weird how they affect us. know how you feel amigo.


If it was possible to give someone a hug over the Internet, I'd have my arms around you right now. Losing beloved pets is one of the hardest things ever.


I've never gotten over the loss of Casey and Rufus. Having to say good-bye to them, and make the choice to let them go long before I was ready, was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. The pain of missing your Mara will somehow fade and become a gentle lump that you will always carry with you. As far as I know the tears never stop flowing when we think of our canine friends who have left us. I know mine haven't.


I think Jesus would have agreed.


Anybody who can truly love a dog that way cannot be a complete asshole.

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