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December 31, 2009


Pete Talbot

Right on, Wulfgar! 2009 was a kidney stone of a year.

Craig Moore

Pete, you are not kidding about kidney stones. Knocks one to their knees.

Wulfgar, happy new year to you. Taking care of your mother is right and I thank you for the example.


So glad to hear that your Mom is "being taken care of"; I'm hoping that has a good connotation for all , especially that courageous, good-hearted, interesting, intelligent woman!

Please give her our love when you talk to her, maybe we'll even be able to see her in June?!?


Onward through the fog!

Big Swede

Personal responsibility when it comes to family, what a concept.

I'm thinking 2010 is going to be worse than 09 when it comes to progressive politics. Mass resignations, sinking polls, dissent in the ranks.

You're going to want 09 back.

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