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November 30, 2009


Mike and Iris


Derek M. Koch

My thoughts are with you, Rob . . .


Sorry to hear of your loss, old friend.

Nothing on Earth like a good dawg.

Larry Kralj

Life ain't worth a shit without dogs. They make life bearable. It's seems unfair that their lives are so short. It's a hard thing to lose a friend like that. I still morn the loss of my dogs who died years ago. They were that much a part of my life. I sometimes wonder if we'd a made it this far in evolution without dogs. I doubt it. Anyway, sorry to hear about your loss. From the pic, she looks like a great one. A dog person can tell.


It's hard to look at her pic without tearing up. We're going to miss you Mara Boo.


I'm so sorry, Rob.

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