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July 20, 2009


Craig Moore

I understand your presentation was excellent and well received. A very commendable effort and great job. Do you have a PPT link?

There is one topic where we are simpatico, that's dinos. Growing up I spent many hours on explorations in Montana's glacier moraines that will remain nameless to protect their existence.


Wulfgar, THANK YOU for making the journey - it was truly my pleasure and an honor to meet you IRL/F2F. You're not nearly as scary and hideous as I expected.


And thanks for sharing your wisdom and good humor and civility, friend.

Gregg Smith

Wulfar, I echo Dave's appreciation. Your talk and leadership was well-planned, well-delivered, and well-received. Thank you much for making the trip.

Gregg Smith

P.S. Now that you mentioned it, I do look a lot more than 2 years younger than you!


Hey, now! Don't make me bring the hate ...



It was a lot of fun, and very nice to meet you.

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I really enjoyed your talk & the small part of the meet-up I got to attend. It did give em much to think about.

Thank you for coming to see us!

BTW- I should have recorded it so the grandcub will fall asleep better when he visits next. :-)

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