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June 11, 2009


Big Swede

You've called me a right winger. Let's see how i compare.

He hates the US government. (no, still thinks its the best)
He hates liberals. (no, I enjoy debate)
He said President Obama was "created by Jews." (no)
He believes Obama wasn't born in the United States. (Don't care)
He holds conspiratorial views about the federal reserve. (no)
He feared the takeover of the country by "black governors."(no)
He was active in the white separatist movement. (no)
He is an anti-Semite. (no)
He is a known associate of William Pierce, author of The Turner Diaries.(no)
He is a known associate of Stan Hess, formerly of David Duke's European rights organization.(no)
His birther screed was posted approvingly at Free Republic.(no)
He idolized John G. Crommelin, a McCarthyite and segregationist who ran for Governor of Alabama for the ultra right-wing National States' Rights Party. (no)
He calls himself a "White Christian." (yes)


All that proves is that you're not as much of a loon as that guy is. It doesn't prove that he's not a right wing nut.

Have you considered the possibility that maybe this isn't all about you?

Big Swede

To paraphrase Freud.

Sometimes a racist whack job is just a racist whack job.


1 + 1 = 2

To focus on the 1 doesn't negate the addition. This fucker was a right wing asshole. Racist, you bet. Whack job? Sure. Right winger? Established without a shadow of a doubt. Whether you wish to claim him or not is completely up to you, Swede.

But your claim is meaningless, save to you. Brunn was a right wing asshole. You claimed that he wasn't. You, Swede. Prove it.

And keep in mind that claiming that he was more than a right wing asshole, doesn't negate that he's a right wing asshole. It simply adds to his flavor.

I await your proof that won't be forthcoming.


Stalin was a left wing asshole who killed millions. Since you're left wing, you're like him, just not as much of a loon as he was. The 911 terrorists were religious assholes who killed thousands of americans. People who believe in a supernatural supreme being are just like them, but a just a bit less of a loon than they were. Most of them were Saudi Arabian assholes who killed thousands. Most Saudi Arabians are just a little bit less of a loon than they were.

See how bigoted that sounds?

von Brunn was a whack job long before the infotainers came around. This new meme the left is all marching in goose step to pronounce, that Ann Coulter and Rusty Lintball are responsible for von Brunn. I read it on Huffington.

But, wrong. He's been watched for a long time. At he's what, eighty eight? . He didn't just turn into a whack job at seventy. He was a whack job when Bill Clinton was president and when Dan Rather was doing the news. Most likely, he was a whack job when Jimmy Carter was blowing up the economy and failing to rescue hostages.

I know whack jobs. They were whack jobs with paper license plates and buying off on Lyndon LaRouche's trilateral bohemian grove bildenberger conspiracies long before rush. Not only that, but they don't even claim to be republicans. They're independent, or constitutionalist, or not even citizens of the united States, teste meipso and without prejudice, and you better spell their name with a comma before the surname, too. They listen to guerrilla radio, not Lintball. Some of them have shot county officials and kidnapped judges and blown up buildings, you know?

Some of them show up under fake names and testify against red light cameras. And you know what, both democrats and republicans at the legislature lined up to swallow their big loads and vote accordingly.

They're not a "wing" of anything. They're not representative of anyone.

See how bigoted that sounds?

Jeff, the big difference between myself and Swede is that I don't care if it "sounds bigoted". See, after 8 years of being called a 'terrorist sympathizer', an 'America hater', part of the 'blame America first crowd' and a traitor, I really don't give a damn what people are prone top call me. What is truly humorous to me is that these polite little insults were leveled because persons such as myself were willing to admit human similarities, leveled by the very same people who are now trying ever so desperately to distance themselves from a "monster". They need to believe that they aren't even the same species as this beast who killed. The delusion is theirs, and to that degree they own the bigotry, not me.

I think you're right that the right-wing punditry didn't create these lunatics. If you'll notice, I never claimed they did. What I did claim is that the only real influence these pundits have is over psychopaths. David Burkowitz's dog wasn't God, and the dog didn't tell him to kill. But in Burkowitz's mind ...?

And, you're absolutely wrong that the nutballs aren't "representative" of anyone. They are indeed representative of the like minded, twisted as that mind may be. Casting them as "The Other" doesn't make them go away, and it sure as hell won't stop the violence.


I see Alan Kesselheim with a letter today echoing your sentiments. Of course, you can't link a Chronicle letter, but you can take my word, the gist is similar. Since I've read the same stuff all over the web, my conclusion is that once again, there's no event too grisly or tragic not to make political hay about it.

I do agree that the rhetoric of "baby killer" and "abortion is murder" allows an equation of the two acts to a twisted mind.

That's the irony. Strip the agitated eagerness of the left to paint anyone left of center with a broad brush of black murder, and I agree with the need to protect those who perform abortions by not being complicit by our silence or inaction.

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