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June 26, 2009


Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

Too bad that montana's senator, Mini Bafus, didn't have half the nuts, brains, or empathy that Rockefeller has. Montana's senator is proud to be a gelding! But hey, he's cut proud!

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Big Swede

Partisanship gives each party bragging rights. For instance, the Dems create the health care bill with virtually no input from the Reps..

The Dems fastrack it through with their majorities. Obama signs it, and the Dems own it. If it does what advertised your side benefits with bragging rights and increased representation.

Which begs the question, if this bill is so good and will create no negative impacts on the economy, why aren't you guys brave enough to "go it alone"?

(I don't care if insult the guy, Swede. Call him 'Obamabi' if it trips your trigger. Just keep the barbs out of the racist zone. -W)

Big Swede

No racist slur intended.

I'm curious tho, Barak's paternal grandfather was named Onyango, I guess to be more sensitive to your racist radar I could have said Onyango's grandson.

By the way, Bush was commonly called a chimp. Racist or not, calling someone an animal is worse than calling some one a name depicting his heritage.

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