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April 01, 2009



Since this is a game.... I say.... " I want to cast a spell..... FIREBALLL!" And I roll a natural twenty and fireball all of Great Falls, and then I go after Billings, since it's bigger, I say... "I want to cast a spell... GREATER METEOR SHOWER!!!!" And then I realize, I never have to spend any time in Great Falls, and I wake up, near the Seattle-Tacoma Greater Metropolitan area, and breathe a sigh of relief, and laugh at the hordes of Zombie Kittens and Giant Mecha Kiwi's that I send after Montana... No idiot will be safe, all will awwwwww at the incredible cuteness arrayed against them, and C'Thu'Lu will be pleased, and He will rise, from underneath the waters, and all will go EEEWWWWWWW what's that smell, multi-billion year old fish??? And all will die, from the smell alone, because that's all it will take. And then the Great Old Ones rise, and all will die, from the smell alone, and then Richard Dawkins, in his infinite wisdom, will recreate the world in a wave of weasel creation programs, because only he can do so, according to some really dumb creationists, who wouldn't know programming if it crawled up to their heads, and whispered Sarah Palin Sweet Nothings in their head. And to think, all this came from my mind when I've only drunk a bit of scotch, must be the pneumonia, and then I realize, I had far more fun with Gregg's Game than if I took it seriously. Which is definitely the point.


Check for traps.

Big Swede

You won?

Let's have a vote.


The hippys will have the advantage here. By far.

- They camp out all the time and actively dislike the comforts of civilization.
- They grow their own food and would love a low protean diet.
- They're used to avoiding authority figures with guns.
- They frequently make a living from backmarket or off-the-books business.
- Years of dumpster diving have given them very useful skills.
- They're already nomadic gathers with an infrastruture to shift immedietely into this "game".
- They have already built an ethical framework for much of the ugliness.
- Sitting on the ground smacking a drum is all the entertainment they need.

In short, the people that will do the best in this game are the ones that won't notice it's happening.

Survivalists with guns and compounds will be immediete targets. They have stockpiled resources, and they can't move. Other people with guns will be making a beeline for them.

No one, however, will be going out of their way to rob a bunch of hippys living in the mountains eating fish and berries.

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