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April 07, 2009


Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

Good luck finding ammo for that Bearcat. .22 ammo is getting very hard to find, and very expensive. Apparently all the wacks think that TEOTWAWKI is real, and they're preparing like hell for it! Hence, .22 ammo is the choice among survivalists. They're gonna shoot themselves a whole lotta squirrels to eat.


The more I hear about ACORN, the more I like them.

And the more I hear about Malkin more more I feel sorry for her.

Without Bush in the spotlight devaluing intelligence, I think the Right is going to have some tough years figuring out a new strategy.


They are going to Teabag us before we can Teabag them! We're going to wake up in the middle of the night, with something warm pressed up against our face, and we will wake up screaming. That's their plan, and no guns in the world are going to stop it.

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