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April 09, 2009


Mark T

I don't know if you have ever noticed this before, but Andy Hammond has to be one of the dumbest shits to ever take up a blog pen. He's myopic, completely focused on D's v R's, as if there's some sort of salvation for us there in the victory of one over the other. But that's party politics for you - a feeding trough for small minds.

Eric Coobs

To put it in language you'll understand - Obama is a pussy.

He makes Jimmy Carter look like a real leader, finally.

Big Swede

Even though i may be myopic and focused on R's and D's i did remember this interview with Babs and the King on 20/20.

BARBARA WALTERS: I understand that now that you are king, you prohibited your subjects from kissing your hand. Were you embarrassed to have your hand kissed?

KING ABDULLAH: I have tremendous distaste for such matters because I believe that one only bows before one's God, not before another human being.

WALTERS: When you visited President Bush this past April, there were photographs of you and the president holding hands. This is not a gesture common among American men. Did it have significance?

ABDULLAH: Yes. In our culture, holding hands is a sign of friendship and a sign of loyalty and you do it with people dear to you. And President Bush is a friend whose friendship I value and ... and treasure.


Swede, Your comment would best be left at that idiot Andy's site, not here. I simply don't give a shit whether Obama bows to royalty or not.

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