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March 12, 2009


Steve T.

I've heard the word "hyperbole" thrown about a lot since I've entered the blogosphere - but I think this is the first opportunity I've had to use it.

Nah - why bother?

Mark T

I tend to agree with him. But our education system tends not to turn out people who think for themselves or who are adept at reasoning or resisting advertising and war propaganda. I suspect the Professor is OK with that - if the schools taught the kids to resist the propaganda onslaught before the Iraq War, he'd be leading torchlit mobs down to the schoolyards.

Mark T

I mean, look at how he went ballistic when a teacher showed a film on consumerism.

Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

Pervessor Booby Nasalsound is gonna bequeath civilization on our young??? Holy crap! Well, this might NOT be such a bad thing after all. You see, the Nutty Perv will ALSO bequeath his values on the young, one of which is supreme cowardice. Yep, that's right. The Nutty Perv ran when others got their asses hauled off to Nam. While he was bequeathin' and civilizin' himself safely holed up in the states, we were trying like hell to bequeath our asses a safe hiding place! So, what do the young learn from Perv Bobby? Don't make love OR war! Is that really such a bad thing? The Nutty Perv is doing his thing for world peace. He should be praised. He had his chance when he was young to be a warrior, and he blew it. So, now he's a warrior for rightwing Jesus!


i believe that last torpedo touched a corner of the boiler room. think i saw a slick of oil and HMS rob was listing badly when last i spied her...gonna take gregg and doug and the whole crew all night to restore power. will check on damage in the morning.

P.s. glad you left larry a place to rant. agree that his heart is in the right place.

Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

Unlike you, gopher, Wulgar does NOT fear free speech or confrontation. In fact, he welcomes it. If he starts a fight, he'll finish it one way or another. Why a pissant like you decided to attack me is beyond me. I said nothing against you, and yet you chose to attack me. Again, please list your accomplishments and achievements, and maybe your record of activism, that makes you feel superior to me. I'll wait.


as i have told many commenters and posters, larry. "ahm not in the habit of explainin' myself and ahm not about to start with the likes of you."

that said. you need to go back and read your comments on 4&20 and think whether using childish references to female and male genitalia is a good idea in a forum hosted and moderated by a woman who devotes herself to illuminating many people to the higher side of human nature. i try to seek the high road myself. occasionally engaging in what i would call problem behavior. for what it is worth, the PB moments rarely reap any good results. if my personal comments regarding you offended you i apologize. but you must realize that how you say things can utterly render what you say useless and too annoying to listen to.

i sometimes try to be funny and it doesn't come off too well. i wish i could say i am sorry you were banned from our site but i too was getting tired of the embarrassing stuff you were spouting. i will just leave you with advice from years of writing that have helped me somewhat in my own hyperbolic tendencies; when in doubt-cross it out. try writing what you really believe and then take out all or most of the adjectives. usually it will come off with more power. good luck larry. sorry about the banning - wasn't my call. i like to fight too much to ban anyone, but j-girl has a higher purpose in life and a higher spirit than a garbage bear. so i too concur with her on the bans.

Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

Not to worry, Gopher. I've been banned from nearly every site that I've ever written on. I'm used to it. Hell, I even got a radio show kicked off the air in Helena one time. Me and another Ranger, Ric Valois, did a radio half-hour interview for host Beverly Fox on her show. I thought it was an NPR station. I had no idea it was a redneck Limbaugh station! I found out later! Well, after Pegasus Gold called the station and threatened a lawsuit, the station pulled Beverly's show. I felt REAL bad about that. But hey, that just comes with the territory when you speak the truth. And then Pegasus threatened to sue me too. I had a REAL good laugh over that one! I'm still here and Pegasus Gold is gone. I'll be writing loooong after I get banned from the wussy sites. But I gotta tell ya, for the LIFE of me I can't understand why anyone would want another person banned. I don't understand that mentality. Hell, too many American soldiers gave their blood to insure free speech. p.s. thanks for the writing tips. You really ARE a humor writer.

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