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February 18, 2009



Making things, cuddling with my kitties, being with my friends and Tanaria, because those are the things that make me feel like I belong here and am a part of the universe.


Watching Roxy grow and learn new things. Watching Chris sleep peacefully and knowing that we are safe and warm. Planning things, cooking food that I know the people I'm cooking for enjoy. Playing piano while the music creates pictures in my head. Knowing that I'm somehow useful and able to make other people's lives better.


Learning new things (particularly tech-type stuff). Sitting with Elf (my feline overlord) on my lap, purring at me. A warm fire on a cool evening. The smell of fresh-cut (lawn!) grass. How fresh the air is after a thunderstorm. Drinking hot coffee while sitting outside during a rainstorm.


Seeing how happy my two year old grandson is to see me when he comes to visit for the week end. Helping him eat french toast for breakfast while he sits on my lap and then watching him tear the house up.

I don't fish but I love watching my wife when she does. She always gets so excited when she catches one and never quite seems to get the hang of reeling it in. While I'm getting old and decrepit she is exactly as she was when we married over 30 years ago and doesn't hold it against me.

I guess the joy comes from loving and being loved.


making despots,imaginary aristocrats, bigots and blowhards uncomfortable.

easing the pain of those forgotten and afflicted with poverty.

being alone in a wilderness.

why? no idea.

Mark T

Marriage to a beautiful, caring and warm woman. It sustains through everything.

pj finn

Art, wilderness, and watching my daughter's face light up when she learns something new.

Why? Because I see them as our most lasting values.

Steve T.

Feeling the first warm breeze in springtime.

Rocky Smith

Spending time with my beloved family and friends. You need to ask why?

Nancy L.

Getting out into the mountains...spending time with loved ones (human and non-human!)...working at a job where I feel I can make a difference (or at least try!)...good meals with good friends. Why? These are the things that make life worth living!


Spending time with my beautiful wife and my lovely granddaughter, working in my shop, learning new things and hiking in the mountains.. these are my "favorite things".

Montana Bullets and Blades


Nothing makes the daily slog more worthwhile than coming home at then end of a long day to a beautiful, intelligent, wonderful woman and the playful, inspiring, innocent antics of a toddler. That's my motivator and my joy.


A good salsa verde.

Setting out from the Midwest on two wheels. Leaving the rich moist low country behind and climbing onto the high plains onto the heart of the turtle continent. Maybe across the High Line. Seeing the Sweet Grass Hills then climbing up into the high country. Camping in alpine air.

A good cup of coffee.


Oh my god, I woke up again this morning! And it seems to be the same bed in which I went to sleep last night! Fucking amazing! Does this mean that there really, truly is a tomorrow? Or am I still asleep and dreaming?


What brings me joy are my two sons. My oldest sends me text messages at the oddest hours, but because he is in the Air Force and rarely has time to talk...it brings me joy. My youngest because he still calls me beautiful (because he wants something).

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