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February 10, 2009



Near as I can tell, the only ones PETA impresses is other pro-animal moonbats, and related extremists (i.e. Earth Lib, et al). Pretty much everyone else just laughs at them.

Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

I do like their nude protests though! Except when their female protestors look like DOGS! It then becomes sort of a PETA dog show, and I must really object to that! It's INHUMANE to the males of our species to be exposed to saggy boobies! I must protest!.............with clothes on of course!


I agree. I consider myself an animal lover and flaming liberal, but PETA is idiotic.


PETA gives animal rights activists a bad name. If they really wanted to help animals they would use there money and notoriety to work toward fixing real problems like unethical and unhealthy treatment of livestock and the growing number of endangered animals. Either that or disband and let a decent group get some attention. But it seems that all they care about is putting on big shows where they flaunt racist iconography or devalue woman and reveling in the controversy. It doesn't help their supposed cause at all.

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