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February 17, 2009



i cannot even imagine how many schoolyard beatings this little shithead took to turn into such an annoying little jerk.


Many. ... Many.


Just what I needed to get myself going this morning - one fine piece of blogging from a master of the art.


Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

It's what Wulfgar does best, using logic like a rapier to flay the nutty pervessor. Nasalsound has had a free ride for much too long. Before the internet, the nutty perv could spout crap without fear of an asswhoopin' rebuttal. Now, when he does so, he lifts his trench coat of self-righteousness to show the world just what a little weeny he really is! I for one thank Wulfgar for staying on this guy. He has the patience of Job.


Obviously a racist letter. And while I think there's some justice in printing the historically-marginalized native story, I also tend to agree that people don't really read that stuff.

Every once and a while, something interesting happens, but as for those "First Nations meet to discuss..." headlines, I see people passing over on the bus or in the bar all the time. You'd be fooling yourself if you think we don't watch what people read. Or, more importantly, what they don't.

But, then again, small market daily papers are typically chock full of honkeys doing boring stuff and nobody complains.

Pete Talbot

Those damned newspapers, giving all that ink to Indians. Even if it were true, kinda makes up for the decades that the media ignored indigenous people, or just painted them as drunks and criminals.

As for Natelson, always good to see him standing up for hate-mongers.

Binky Griptight

What about the Missoulian coverage of issues on Native American reservation? I think it might be less because of the behavior of folks like Natelson - he gives blogging and scholarship a bad name.

Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

If you read Bobby's comments in the thread, he's all concerned that everyone get equal coverage in the Zoolian. He mentions of course business, and even his nutty tax protestor group. But, bobby, (i know the moron would never appear here and i've been banned there), if you REALLY want equality, WHERE IS THE UNION PAGE, pal? Thaas right, pervessor, why no union page? If you're gonna wet your legal pants about your tax protestors, how bout a union page?

Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

Binky, he gives COWARDS a bad name! Look, the only place he'll post crap is behind gee guy's skirts. Everyone else posts on hostile sites, and they take what they get. But not rob. What kind of example is he for his students? I mean, really, he teaches constitutional law?? And yet, he FAILS to fully engage in the amendment that the Founding Fathers thought important enough to qualify as the First? And He considers himself to be somewhat an authority on history also. Does he not remember the heated debates among the Founders? He's a sad case. But I would ask Pervessor Nasalsound a simple question, probably MUCH too simple for his brilliant mind. He claims that he wants all sides represented in the Zoolian, including his nuttcake tax protestor party. So, Robby, the Zoolian has a business page. WHY NO UNION PAGE, PERV? Yes, that's right, robby. In your damned lying claims for equal time, you conviently forgot the most important counterbalance to the business page, the union. Why is that? The equal time pervessor didn't include a union page.

He has the patience of Job.

I would like to point out, Larry, until God himself granted a reprieve from Satan's trials (after whacking Job with just how powerful he really was BEHEMOTH!@!!) Job was really unhappy. I don't want to be that guy. Seriously.

And I would respectfully request that you not refer to Natelson as a "perv". That implies things that neither I nor you can support. I've already been threatened with legal action multiple times. It's not that fun. So let's not go quite that far (though his wingnuttyness could be seen as "perverse" in itself.)

Oh wait, was that bad to admit?

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