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January 07, 2009


Mark T

Reid has but one problem, one thing that troubles him: : liberals. Then he straightens his spine and becomes a man.


Somewhat arbitrarily I date the brain death of the Democratic Congressional Party at 1972. 37 years is a long time to be dead, and still walking and talking. It's fitting the Democratic Senate leader looks like death warmed over. His brain obviously slower than those lurching zombies you see in all the movies.

The legislative branch itself is dead. A sideshow of bad melodrama and low comedy. Thus we get the unitary executive which in the best of hands cannot possibly do and think of everything so will mess up mightily, and in the worst of hands, Bush, becomes an evil thing.

The American system of constitutional government has been dead for some time and it's replacement, corporate governance, just failed too. Together, the story of the economic crisis. How much longer this zombie system can stumble forward is any ones guess but I would say not much longer. Easily measured in months.

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