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December 18, 2008



It seems to me that all we've heard through this transition is a lot of "you own us" from various special interest groups.

Frankly, I think it's refreshing to see the President-Elect not bending over backwards for everyone who feels they're owed something because they supported him in the election.


The Rick Warren choice is small change. It will be out of the news cycle pretty quick. I don't support the choice, but I don't think GBLT supporters would have been happy with any church leader taking the podium (and for good reason). It is a small gesture across the aisle to religious conservatives that shows bipartisonship and costs Obama nothing.

Steve T.

It pisses me off that the Warren thing is where the left is focusing its guns. To me, it's bordering on the same kind of guilt by association bullshit that the right employed against him during the campaign. Somehow, by letting this guy speak at his inauguration he's abandoning the cause of gays everywhere? Really?

At the same time, the sound of crickets on the left over the Vilsack pick for Agriculture Secretary have been deafening. And that's something that WILL have profound POLICY implications.

Sometimes I think the left is a little bit more concerned about having their feelings hurt than they are about fighting bad policy.


I agree with Steve T. regarding Tom Vilsack as Ag Secretary. Vilsack and Monsanto would no doubt disagree with me, but we're getting too far away from growing real food for people to eat. When it comes to SSDD, Obama's nomination of Vilsack is very troubling.


Bob, the both of you are correct. The question is, will Vilsack remain true to his 'big-Ag' roots, or will Obama be able to lead? Since one alternative cannot be tested until after January 20th, I'm cuttin' the man a little slack.

No doubts, Mark would call that capitulation or CYA. I call it realism. I might be wrong.


I agree, Wulfgar. I consider myself to be watching the proceedings from the nose-bleed seats. Even with binoculars (pundits?) the view is not all that clear from here. I think Obama is leading the way he said he would, with diversity and dialogue in mind. Who knows what Obama said to Vilsack when offering him the job? Monsanto is a heavy load, though. Somebody better have Obama's back. Rahm Emanuel?


sure Bob, Rahm to the rescue. Rahm the war hawk with uncomfortably close ties to Israel, the 51st state of the USSA.

Monsanto is more than a heavy load, they are evil incarnate. Nothing that happens anymore surprises me. Both parties are hopelessly complicit, and the quicker y'all understand that, the better.

Wulfgar, you lament team thinking while reinforcing it.

goof houlihan

I am pulling for Buffalo; my son's favorite team since he could pay attention. Doesn't really make me a Bills fan. I reckon the PE isn't a Warren fan either, but what's the connection?

If you need the invocation/benediction, whatever, who ya gonna call? Not the Reverend Wright, not the Reverend Jackson, not the Reverend Robertson, etc etc etc. If it's gotta be, it might as well be A Jesus Christ Superstar? Really?

Why not some humble, low key, no name, local hero foot washer who should inherit the earth? Not high profile self serving politically statement-ey enough? Gotta groove with the religious rockstar? See, that's my gripe, and yes, it's mixed up with the high profile anti human rights thing too. Leave all that behind and find an american theresa who's not written a book or had a tv show. That would give the press something to talk about, finding the pearl in the oyster, appealing to the common man, picking substance over form.

I'm on the outside looking in, and probably I'm letting my bias show, but hey, why not humility?

Wulfgar, you lament team thinking while reinforcing it.

Lizard, most of the time, I accept your disdain for things illiberal. But that statement? Why that's just bullshit.


I think the Left has more cause to complain about Warren than Vilsack, to use Steve's example. Warren is against a good deal of what Obama stands for. Vilsack seems in line with Obama's position on the issue. I don't remember Obama staking out a particularly progressive vision of ag policy (consider his ethanol position).

Yes, their influence isn't comparable, but it seems strange to be troubled by a Democratic candidate going with the Democratic establishment's position when there's little indication he believes something contrary. At least with Warren there's a basis for being annoyed, however meaningless it is.

Mark T

I don't really care about Warren. I note that Obama has appointed a "progressive liaison" - that's likely all we're going to get. SSDD indeed. He is a centrist who need liberal votes to get elected, and he got them, and now he doesn't need us. Since we're not an organized force who punish politicians who work against us, we're kind of screwed.

Anyway, that's the way it is. Liberals are nice lap dogs.

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