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November 18, 2008



But they are right. The death camps are going up right now. Fine white Christians will be imprisoned and forced into slavery making latte's and growing organic vegetables for brutal limp wristed sissys.

Try to enjoy your last few days of freedom Rob. We know where you live.


Yeah, but could you take me? I think not ...

Heheh ...


I'm not sure Mr. Natelson's post was a call to arms, but as your links indicate, I hope to hell the Secret Service is up to the task ahead of them. Aside from an Obama administration, the last thing we need right now is the turmoil such an act would engender.

Eric Coobs

So it was Natelson who built him a temple at the convention?

And it was Natelson who put the shills into the crowds at his rallies so they could faint from excitement at just the right time, like a faith healing evangelist?

Once again, Rob, you are wrong.

Entertaining, but wrong.


Eric, you're dumber than a box of rocks. You predicted:

John Morrison would win the primary over Jon Tester.
Burns would win.
Brown would win (both Bob and Roy).
Hillary Clinton would win the primary.
Hillary Clinton would win the primary in Montana.
Hillary Clinton would gerrymander the win at the convention.
People would suffer Obama fatigue.
McCain would win.

Telling me how wrong you think I am is actually telling me how very correct I am and have been. Please keep up with your predictions. I will bet against you every time, and I will most likely win. It's almost like money in the bank.

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