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November 14, 2008


Jay Stevens

Yeah, people who believe marriage is only about children are a bit off, IMHO, and certainly outside the mainstream. That said, his argument assumes gay parents can't have children...and yet they do. I have two sisters-in-law who are both in monogamous long-term relationships with children (4 between the two). So much for that, eh? Of course, Mikey et al. want to ostracize not just the parents but the kids of those relationships. Gee, forget divorce I wonder what the societal damage is those kids by his pontificating and legislating his morality on those families?


Don't wonder, Jay. He's full of shit.


I tried reading that. I got to the procreation nonsense and then I stabbed myself in the face.

Thanks for the summation.

Steve T.

Hey have Mike's lawyers contacted you yet? He said he was going to bankrupt you and your family, and enjoy doing it.


Nope. Not a word. I'm certain that he enjoys the fantasy more than he would the reality.

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