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November 12, 2008



All I know is, the zombies in Left 4 Dead run and that game rocks. Interactive entertainment ftw.


There are also running zombies in Fallout 3, which is a friggin' awesome game. And let's not forget World of Warcraft zombies which look really silly while running, but run nonetheless. ;P

Derek M. Koch

Ahhh . . . the ol' running zombie debate. Just like zombies themselves, they just refuse to die!

I covered Simon Pegg's review of 'Dead Set' on my Mail Order Zombie podcast last week, and I DEFINITELY agree with him. However, I do have to say that over the years, I've mellowed a LITTLE. Especially now that I'm podcasting about zombie movies every week, I'm finding there are PLENTY of zombie variations out there (although I still believe that the '28 Days' and '...Weeks' creatures are NOT zombies).

The difference between running and shambling is one of mood for me. A running zombie movie is like a roller coaster. It's fast. It's scary. It's in your face. And it's over in a few moments.

Non-running zombie movies, though - they stick with you. They linger. They rely on mood and atmosphere more than the snatch-and-grab variety.

That said, if you want to get REAL picky about it, the cemetery zombie DOES seem to be moving along at a good pace at the start of the original Night of the Living Dead, and there are two fast zombie children in the original Dawn of the Dead.

I like the approach the zombie pseudo-Western movie 'Quick and the Undead' took. The "fresher" they are, the faster they are. As they rot and decay, they slow down more and more, eventually being able to do little more than just shamble along.

As for 'Dead Set,' from what I understand, it's hitting DVD over in the UK in the very near future, and I intend on picking it up then to review on my show.

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