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October 09, 2008


Gregg Smith


Those damn Republicans are so partisan.


Except for those who have a serious issue with being disagreed with (the GOP), there is nothing the matter with being a partisan, Gregg. The problem with the modern Republican party is that they're just so very wrong about a great many things that matter.

Mark T

You seriously underestimate them. That's a fatal error.

Jim Lang

Partisanship is good.


My sister, who is close to 70 and not in great shape, says if Obama is elected, as soon as he gets declared the official winner, she is going to take her walker out into the street and DANCE! I told her I'd send a photographer from the local paper to take her picture. That will be a sight to behold... And I can hardly wait!!!

Eric Coobs

Hmmm - in 2004 right now, the polls had John Kerry up by double digits. Today Rasmussen/Fox has MCcain leading again in Ohio and Florida as Barack Hussein Obamas insurmountable lead is melting.

If you want to declare Barack Hussein Obama the winner already, go right ahead. It'll be a good post to archive alongside the 'Why Kerry will win' collection - LOL

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