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September 09, 2008


Jay Stevens

Wow! That is egregious! I was thinking there were a bunch of mistakes on that list, but whoo boy! Denver at 19!


I think everyone was startled to see just how bad Oakland is. Not a reflection on how good Denver might be, but just how bad the team they played showed itself to be.

Al Davis, a caricature of a football owner, has made the Oakland Raiders a caricature of a football team.


dew-r-lite, a question: Since Al Davis hired Kiffen (a college offensive coordinator, albeit at USC) because no NFL caliber coach would work for the man, and, given that they traded a franchise wide receiver in Moss, how can Davis do what he needs to do? He spent *WAY* too much money on Russell. He needs to fire Kiffen. We all know that. But to replace him, he'll have to drag up a coach from Chula Vista high school.

Seriously, how does Davis save the Raiders? I really want to know.


There was an announcement at McAffee Stadium the other day:

"Will the parents who left their 11 kids on the field please pick them up?

They're beating the Raiders 21-0."

Let the Donkeys beat an actual NFL team, then see what happens.


I think the only way Al Davis can fix the raiders (they don't warrant a capital "R" anymore) is to step away from day-to-day operation of the team and hire a George Young or Bobby Beathard type GM to rebuild the team from the ground up.

Granted this will take about five years and a Hershel Walker trade to pull it off in our lifetimes.

Back to your original question:

It's because the raiders are sooo bad that's why the Denver Jackasses can't get any love. That, and the fact John Elway isn't walking through the door to save the franchise. So, until Denver beats an NFL caliber team they're not gonna get any love from the sporting press.

They'd probably get more love if they beat the Cats in Bozeman rather than beating the raiders.

goof houlihan

I've only got a Robert Irsay solution. He has a massive stroke and dies, or sells the team.

It's just too bad that Robert didn't get that first part done before he moved out of Baltimore. Davis has already tried moving...ahem...

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