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July 18, 2008



I might challenge his assertion that it was the greatest act of terrorism ever.

"Little Romans were comfortably sleeping as their parents chatted amiably about current events."

Exchange the word "Japanese" for Romans, and I might suggest that August 6, 1944, or almost 64 years ago, was the world's greatest act of terrorism against innocents.


All a matter of perspective, wouldn't you agree?


What constitutes terrorism is always a matter of perspective. What is difficult is to step outside of our Amero-cenric world view and look within.

If the Rev. Wright flap taught me one thing, it was to look critically at the killing of innocents in revenge, and examine how a country could morally justify killing hundreds of thousands of innocents in Iraq in a mistaken act of revenge for the terrorist act of 9/11.

Looking at the decisions of GWB make it easier to revisit the decisions of Truman. Though I suppose it is still regarded unpatriotic to challenge the assumptions behind his decision to use nuclear weapons, as unchristian as it may have been.

And I might add that the scale of destruction of Nagasaki and Hiroshima far outweighs the burning of Rome, and is not a matter of perspective.

Wulrum's attempts to flip the perspective by interchanging the roles of christians and terrorists serves as a wake up call to any who would listen and reexamine history accordingly. And puts the word "obliterate" into perspective.

If Iran were to attack Israel, and we were to obliterate Iran in revenge, who in the eyes of Muslims world-wide would be viewed the terrorist? And to whom would the chickens come home to roost?

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