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May 30, 2008



I have checked out the website and I really do have to talk to these people at some point. We definately have a lot to talk about.

As far as zombie killing weapons, I would probably do with a roman gladius or something along those lines... shorter, straighter blade, easier to draw and use effectively than a larger/longer blade and more than enough weight to lop off heads. I am currently working on a couple to do some tests. I have my scimitars (more Mongol than turk as they are only 3' long) and an odd katana lying around to do some tests with. When I get around to doing that, you will have to come down with your blades. We can make a day of it - but you will have to supply some of the melons for testing....


Kudzu Fire

how about burning?

Mom (Jon's)

This brings back lots of good old days SCA memories...Hoping we'll see you on the 21st.

Zombie Tools Chris

Thanks for the shout-out, Wulfgar!

Yup, we are Missoula's local zombie-slaying force, representing the North Side since Jan 2008.

We have one former SCA member in the squad, but we're not affiliated. We fight with shinai, rapier, sideswords and fists every Saturday from 5pm to midnight (if we're not in crunch mode producing blades). Anyone is welcome to drop on by. We're at 129 1/2 N 2nd St W in a shop right on the railroad tracks.

Online ordering will be up and running within a week. We also have a number of fun t-shirts...they too will be online shortly.

Keep rocking the progressive blogosphere!




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