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April 14, 2008



I've gone from supporting Hillary's candidacy to half-heartedly supporting her to, after this weekend, thinking fuck this shit. I was going to post about Bittergate (thanks Shane) on 4&20, but after posting here and there on the Montana Interwebs, writing a letter to Barack himself, and of course reading this, I think most everyone's got it: Hillary's a tool.

I'm just sorry Bill Kennedy chose to play politics her way.

colby natale

Nail hit squarely on its head!


Pat Williams, et al. pile it on Obama. Kinda makes you want to write a letter or something... ;-)

Montana Leaders Decry Comments on Small Town America in an Open Letter

Today a group of Montana leaders released a letter decrying comments made last Friday by Sen. Barack Obama widely seen as offensive towards rural America.

We wish to express our sincere disappointment with comments made by Sen. Barack Obama at a private San Francisco fundraiser last week - comments which demean the heritage and values of working Montanans.

Sen. Obama’s views are offensive to rural Montanans who work everyday to provide for our families, lift up our communities and strengthen our state and country.

We embrace our faith not out of frustration but as a foundation of the values that guide us - the values we have inherited and the values we pass on.

Montanans are hunters. Many Montanans feel the Second Amendment is a part of our heritage as sportsmen and recreationists. It is not something we ‘cling to’ out of bitterness.

We have faced difficult times, but Montanans are resilient, optimistic and unwavering in our commitment to our families and country.

After seven years of a president who refused to talk to us, the last thing we need is a presidential candidate who talks down to us.

Sen. Obama’s remarks also serve to drive us further apart instead of uniting us around the great challenges we face together. We need good-paying jobs. We need an end to this war. We need health care for every American. But to meet these challenges, we need a president who respects and honors our values.

We are intelligent, optimistic people who believe in a better America. We need a president who stands up and fights for us, and shares our can-do spirit. That is what Montanans will be looking for when we go to the polls on June 3rd.


Former Representative Pat Williams
State Senate Majority Leader Carol Williams
State Senator Carol Juneau
Representative Bill Wilson
Representative Diane Sands
Representative Shannon Augare
Senate Pro Tempore Dan Harrington
Former State Senator Dorothy Eck


Guess I'll have to write a few letters of my own to let those on the ballot who I won't be voting for now.

They should have just kept their traps shut.


"Moral black hole"....no other words are necessary.


Big Swede

WTF, so now I'm a Rebpubs concern troll?


No, no no, Swede. You're not just now a concern troll; you've been one all along.

Steve T.

Yes, the last thing we want out of a leader is someone who is actually better than us.

All of my respect is lost for the people above who bought into the soundbyte game.

Shame. Shame. Shame.

Eric Coobs

I think you're pretty much right on about Hillary's character, but I also think that when she wins Pennsylvania tomorrow it guarantees a brokered convention, and that she could easily be the Dems nominee, based on whatever political favors are owed to the Clintons.

Have you contemplated that possibility?

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