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March 10, 2008


Mark Tokarski

Max is the reason why we have not had a wilderness bill in Montana since the one vetoed by Reagan in 1988. Burns takes a lot of heat for that. It was Max. He has foiled every effort, yet has gained the unquestioning support of outfits like Montana Wilderness Association. And that is the problem. People were always willing to acquiesce to Max and allow themselves to be used because he was the closest the could get to true power. They sold their souls.

Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

Max is kinda like them toys you buy for your kids. You know, the one's that say batteries not included. Well, with Max it's balls not included! Max is not the teflon senator, he's the gyroscope senator! He'll do NOTHING to upset the balance, even if it's the right thing to do! Max lost me a loooong time ago. He takes us for granted now.


Max has represented his state very well, which is why he's stayed on the job so long.

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