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November 09, 2007


Rebecca Schmitz

I thought this was going to end with you finding a ATV rider chasing elk at the end of your four-mile hike, but now that I think about it there's something much worse about coming across his spoor--garbage--atop the ridge.


Too high while hunting? I didn't think that was possible. If I'm hunting with my father-in-law, then up we go, no matter what we're hunting for. For some damn reason this affliction has rubbed off on me, that's why so many places I've hunted have ridges dubbed "skanky bitch hill".

Still, thanks for the post. I've myself been chained to the everyday for far too long, and haven't made myself drop it all to get out there. I'm glad you did it, and related it here. It's nice to see that there's still some sanity left in the world, even if it's definition is vainly chasing elk in circles. That, my friend, is good living.

As for the ATV's, I've fortunately not had to face that conundrum yet. I have met some horse hunters who would fall into the same category though. Unfortunately there's idiots among 'em all. Good luck to you next time, and watch out for those surly moose.


The thing with the ATV-ers is that so many of them simply don't care - about how noisy their fscking machines are in pristine (quiet!) wilderness, about how their all-terrain tires tear up the ground, about the mess they make (and leave!), or anyone who isn't an ATV-er.
Irresponsible, annoying, inconsiderate gits.


First, let me say that I envy you for the chance to get out. I haven't even been to the shooting range in the last two months.

Second, I am horrified to hear about your experience with the ATV set. I have not had the same kind of problems with them in the Birch Creek area but the ATV set down here tends to try to "take care of thier own". They police themselves pretty well. I have actually had more problems with horse people than I have had with ATVs.

I absolutely agree - there is NO excuse for these people to be leaving their garbage in the woods...



Hey, I really enjoyed that story. I was right there with you and thanks for the ride. I could HEAR the moose and SMELL the bear. Ever thought about writing hunting stories?

Mark T

I'm not a hunter, but I am a walker - we trekked up Bear Canyon this weekend - ATV's have torn the shit out of that place, and here's the thing - it's only a few of them. They've been riding it while it's wet - they're making mud holes everywhere, and then new trail to get around the mud holes. I've heard this bullshit about 'sharing', but I don't have to share a restaurant with a smoker, and sure as hell shouldn't have to share the woods with machines that tear up the ground and make shit out of meadows and take out-of-shape people far enough in to damage the most pristine places. Fuck 'em.

Ryan J

Great blog! I think it's just a matter of time before we reach critical mass when it comes to people being fed up with the ATV set. For every "responsible" atv rider there's a whole group of pseudo-intimidating man-children looking to re-conquer the west (ever been to the Bighorns?). If only they'd tear up their own backyard..., in hopes of getting something thrown at them by an irate neighbor.

Thanks for the read.


ATVs are for fat asses who can't walk up a mountain. They have ruined hunting and many other forms of outdoor enjoyment. The only thing louder is a jet ski on a good fishing lake. What ever happened to packing a light lunch and working your ass off to get to a spot few others can reach? Not to mention being able to bring out any game you take. Now you hike two to three hours and some fat f@ck smoking a cigarette rides up on you yelling "have you seen anything?". Pitiful and very sad.

At least New York has had the sense to ban ATVs in the Adirondacks. You can actually walk a trail and hear a brook or the birds.


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