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October 29, 2007



Two words: Howie Rich.


See, that's the problem, Craig. No one relied on the name "Howie Rich" to instill fear. Everyone of us who argued against his funded initiatives argued against the methods and consequence, as well as the fact that Howie was buying the will of Montana. The courts agreed.

But no one pissed themselves at the mere mention of the name "Howie Rich". No one had to lie and claim that organizations were funded by Rich when they weren't, as Carol and others have claimed about Media Matters being funded by George Soros. I think you're pulling an Apples and Oranges comparison here.

Jay Stevens

Agree with Wulfgar!

Some key differences (besides the fact that Soros didn't donate to Fwd MT):

--Montanans in Action worked primarily on ballot initiatives. (In short, they violated the rules governing 501c4s dictating that politcal work is only a part of what the org. does and is congruent with the org's mission.) Fwd MT does a lot of stuff, most of which is not direct political action on behalf of a candidate or issue.

--All, or nearly all, of MIA's money came from Rich, and was earmarked for the inititatives. More than half of Fwd MT's money is from local members; none of it earmarked for any particular political activity. The money given to Fwd MT by out-of-state foundations was earned by the organization's mission statements. That is, the idea attracted the money.

--MIA appeared to have a small number of Montanans running the show. Fwd MT is run by Montanans and has hundreds of Missoula members. It's a real grassroots organization.

The fairer comparison, IMHO, is to Montana-right-to-life, or other similar conservative, political 501c4 group with a lot of local members and some out-of-state members.

And is that so repellent?


Rob gave an example of "bedwetting" from the right, I gave one from the left.

That's the only point I was making.

As to the rest...

Well, we'll see what shakes out, I suppose.

Jay Stevens

You gotta say more, Craig! These little one liners kill me! That from a guy who's so d*mn talkative on the radio tubes.

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