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August 28, 2007


Eric Coobs

I've always thought he was overrated and I think it's funny how popular Jesus becomes to criminals after they've been caught too.

I agree with you - never reinstate him to the NFL.

Big Swede

The Wolf gives it to Vick.



Funny picture, but in poor taste for such a family friendly post ... ;-)

And seriously, Swede. Please learn to leave a proper embedded link. Thanks.

Big Swede

I just figured the grade schoolers that read you would be too lazy to type the address in.


Uhh, Swede, that's a nice try except that *I* embedded the link for you. There's very good reasons not to type links (or copy and paste them) into your nav bar every time. I use my navigation drop down as a "frequent sites visited" tool for those URLs I have no wish to put in my links sections. The last thing I want is to have it all cluttered up with one-off links from you that I will never visit again. If you don't know what I'm talking about, that's fine. I'm sure they'll explain it to you ... when you get beyond grade school.

Big Swede

OK I'll try again now.

Did I get to go on to Jr. High?


Michael Vick, isn't he a victim of racial prejudices?

It's playin that way down in Dixie. I did have a link, but since I don't know how to "imbed" I sho as heck ain't puttin it out here. No, sir, I can take the hint.

As for John Elway, this Baltimore Colt fan still wishes he got hit by a bus.



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