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August 27, 2007



I always read your blog because I am fascinated by non-entities.


Thanks Wulfgar!

You were right to a point, I did make an attack on Edwards, because I resent those members of my profession who use their skills for personal profit ahead of helping people. Sure, they say they are helping, and I would believe it, when they only take their costs as their fee. As a general rule of thumb, the more money the lawyer makes, the less soul they have.

You did suck me in, and I admit, I was bewildered to a certain extent, because I know that you can think, so I kept waiting for it. And now you show it. (In an asinine way, I might add).

But I really don't give a shit what anyone else might think of me. I have the freedom to do whatever I damned well please. And if someone is concerned about me using bandwidth, Fuck em.

I may not be a public defender much longer. It's not the clients, it's the bureacracy that is so frustrating. But hey, I can always go back to repping drug pushers, child molesters, etc. After all no one is guilty until the jury says they are.


You can lead and horse to water....



Hang on there. What about contingency fee agreements?

Cases that an attorney takes on, assumes most, if not all the risk on actually winning the case. If he loses he gets nothing, and is out all those hours of work and costs. If she wins, she just might end up getting a big fat paycheck for being willing to take the risk.

Since when to we judge people's depth by the thickness of their wallet? Was I sleeping in class that day?

(Not that I am an Edwards fan)

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