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April 09, 2007


Big Swede

I haven't eaten a Pickle Barrel sandwich in years. So when the wife and I went to Boz. last Sat. for a track meet we stopped in. When we got back to Billings I started reading about this controversy. You can't imagine how happy I felt knowing that I, subconsciously, supported the PB, even before reading Jay's post. I think I'll order a bunch tomarrow for the board of director's meeting.



The only thing I'll take the time to try and argue/defend is calling me a troll. If you look back at previous posts, Touchstone even allowed me to write a guest column a few months back. I believe you spent the time tearing it apart. I'm a reader of all blogs right and left. I don't troll through them, I try and contribute. Big fan of Beowulf btw.

I'd be buying up sandwiches, regardless of the color of their skin. I for one, am color blind. You are more obsessed with race than facts.

Allâhu akbar(God is Great)

You are more obsessed with race than facts.

So you're not a troll, huh? In that case, I'd be delighted if you could actually argue the ridiculous claim you just made.

And Swede, I do appreciate that I write a post critical of the unthinking and over-marketed nature of people, and you stumble right in to offer yourself as an example. Thank you.


Rob . . . I know better than to try to match wits with you in a debate . . . . but Subway better than Pickle Barrel?

I need you to answer a question for me, and I need you to answer it honestly . . . OK?

Have you smoked or snorted any little white rocks lately? There are people out here that care about you and we'll get you help if you need it. Subway is enough to make a dog lick his ass to get the taste out of his mouth. I'll take a big ol' Mushroom Steak from Pickel Barrel any day. That's what I call a sandwich! ;)

Big Swede

Wolf, I never would have responded if it hadn't been so coincidental. That and I always enjoyed reading what highly educated thinkers have to say. One thing has always bothered me-did you write any of the unabomber's stuff?


You are right Wulfgar. This manager got lucky. If it hadn't turned out to be a nice controversy that is bringing in some great buisness he probably would have lost his job. But, in the end profit is winning. You know how long I've been in the retail buisness and I've put up with some major assholes, but we just have to smile and bear it. (for the money) FYI for all you customers out there. You really aren't always right. We just let you think you are.

Troll Major

And indeed you are ... - W.

Troll Major

We can keep this up all afternoon, if you'd like. - W.

Troll Major

The truth is everywhere. You cannot contain it.

Nor would I try. And that's the first rational thing you've written today. - W


"I do it because I adore Shrimp Osaka."

Dang it..... Now I want some Shrimp Osaka really bad.

"I like Pickle Barrel sandwiches"

Ahhh!!!! Stop it!!!!

Look.... I live in a food mecca. It not fair to make me want to fly to some distant wilderness for good eats. It's just not right.

Rob . . . I know better than to try to match wits with you in a debate . . . . but Subway better than Pickle Barrel?

Okay, okay. I was in a snit when I wrote this post. But, for the record, there are times I greatly prefer a Subway Club to the Pickle Barrel. To be honest, I think it's probably the salt content (and I always get double-meat). That's an unlikely scenario in the future, though, since I started asking for roast beef added to the Ken's Special. Now *thats* a perfect cold sandwich. I agree with you about the Mushroom Steak, but we tend to prefer the Cheese Steak with mushrooms; it's perfect for cold nights.

Dang it..... Now I want some Shrimp Osaka really bad.

Some men quest for the perfect shot, or the perfect cut, or the perfect hand or the perfect frame. My quest before death is to perfect that butter ginger sauce ... and I'm a long ways from it.

Troll Major

... good ... food, guys.

Troll Major

You're not very good at taking a hint, are you? - W.

Troll Major

Can you help me with my tiny penis problem? I want to answer the spam mails but I just don't trust them? What am I to do?

Gee Guy

So you've never been 86'd, Wulfgar?


From a business? No. The only time I've ever been asked to leave an establishment is because I was with some friends at an all-you-can-eat buffet. Apparently, that's only a figure of speech to some people. From blogs? Twice that I remember. What do either of these have to do with the discussed circumstances?

Gee Guy

In my younger days I saw people 86'd from bars for bad behavior. If we assume the kid really did harass and threaten the manager, even if off premise, I don't see the big problem in telling him to get out. We reserve the right to refuse service and all that...


That's an awfully big if. And remember, Dutton didn't just accuse Alijama of bad behavior, he accused him of a crime, a crime that the police found no evidence of. Now, depending on the outcome of that "if", it appears a lot of folk are either taking a stand against some fantasy they have of the threat of PC thinking, or they're spending money to support the manager's right to be a lying jackoff. If that's how people want to spend their money, then all power to them ... unless the lying jackoff's actions were racially motivated. The law has a few things to say about that.

As I said, that's a pretty big "if".

Gee Guy

I thought I tried to post this earlier, but I must have screwed up and not posted it.

I agree that it is an important "if." On the other hand, why is one version of the story inherently more credible than another? In other words, since presumably no one on ASUM was an eyewitness, why should they jump in and decide one kid's version is truthful and the other one's isn't?

Gee Guy

And actually, the police said there was no evidence of discrimination or a crime related to the refusal of service; the stories are silent about any investigation of the underlying threats.


Double-meat! Wulfgar, yet again it seems that despite our political differences, reasonable men can agree on the proper build of a good sandwich.


It's always like this in Missoula folks.... there are o-ton-o-business-owners and managers alike that have got this I'm-gooder-than-you attitude.

Venturing to guess..... and this is "just" a guess (probably a very, very close, close guess)..

This management person and the Ay-rab were probably down at the Ox late after partying it up at Charlie B's and got into it over some granola... The Ay-rab won, and the geektoid manager lost out....

So now this manager has got a bad jones for this Ay-rab guy because he wasn't able to top off his late night calf brain with a little granola desert...

Hey... stranger things have happened.... or not.... afterall, this is Missoula we're talking about here.


Well it's nice to see that people in Missoula still can't find anything constructive to do with their time.

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