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December 29, 2006



Wow - this is good stuff, Wulfgar. Kudos to everyone who participated - either as a blogger, a voter, a commenter, whatever. I hope that lots of folks began reading even more blogs (or better: started their own!) as a result of this.

Best wishes in 2007, Wulfgar!

colby natale

Congrats to everybody, especially the person who topped me for best post. I have one question though, about the post that did win, "You didn't think I gave up did you?"

Is it part of some bigger story? I don't get it without context; it seems to be about some signs, with some homemade sign at the end. I am confused. I was hoping that I would read the winning post and think, "Wow, that is awesome", but I don't get it.



Close but no cigar for legalese girl.

Congrats to all the winners and the nominees, the readers, the commentors and the pixels!


Just keep in mind, cece, you're building up steam for next year!


Actually I am trying to decide whether to break down the results into pie charts or to break into an interpretive dance . . . . hmmmm


The whole process was fun and elucidating, Wulfgar. Through the nominations list, I found some blogs I might not have noticed. So .... congratulations to everyone who participated, including voters who didn't have blogs nominated. I wrote more here. Off to read some new blogs now.


Once again, Thanks Wulfgar for doing this. I know how much time and effort you put into it.

It was nice to see my own blog nominated a few times and it was nicer to be introduced to so many other blogs that I hadn't read. With my schedule, I don't get as much time to read the Blogs as I would like and this gives me the oppurtunity to see new material.

To all the winners, Congrats.



first off, thanks to Wolfgar for doing this!

And Yes, That post was part of a long term subject of posts. I agree, it is kinda a letdown for those that do not read me regularly, but evidently there were six people who do, and appreciate the effort I have expended trying (and so far failing!)to make the City of Great Falls follow it's own rules.


Heya Wulgar?

One suggestion, and I know it is nutso.

I did the pie chart by the way, the interpretive dance might happen tomorrow.

I know some of us are political animals, and live for the latest news (ahem). . . but I was wondering, if next year we could have a "Best New Blog" category.

Someone who has posted for less than a year, just someone trying to figure this whole thing out, who you want to tune into on a regular basis to see what they are up to.

Just a thought.

*goes and makes a new blog*

I AM KIDDING!!!! Sheesh . . .
not about the category though, I think that would be a good one.


If I remember correctly, there was a "best new blog" category last year, and if I also remember correctly, I won it. I could've imagined that in one of my many sleep deprivation induced states of lethargic zombieism, but I don't think so. Trouble is, I'm too damn tired to go and find out.

Great job once again wulfgar, and I can now admit that I'm actually glad that I didn't win. If my blogging had been a little closer to 100% this past year, then I could accept victory with a clear conscience but considering my lackluster efforts of late I couldn't have wholeheartedly accepted a victory over the likes of Sarpy Sam and Karen. Now if my wife would just get busy and win that damn lottery I wouldn't have to worry about living through another year with bothersome stuff like earning a living getting in the way of important stuff like enjoying my many hobbies. Life is so cruel. ;)


justin i'm glad you take the time away from the "bothersome stuff" to blog -- even if it's not every day.


This is phenomenal, Wulgar. Thank you.


Wulfgar, I'll add my thanks to the chorus above. Thanks to you and this effort, I've found some fabulous new reading, and re-acquainted myself with some great blogs I hadn't visited in awhile. The Montana blogosphere is a wonderful place!


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