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November 15, 2006



Ummm, I believe that would be called a generalization, but I'm not sure. Though I suppose if you watched me draw down and throw lead you may come to your stated conclusion, good intentions notwithstanding.

Gee Guy

Oh...my...gosh. Is that manufactured outrage?!?



Outrage? Are you joking? I'm overjoyed! Damn, I'm guarenteed an Elk every year, and all it will cost me is the price of a tag and $135! Awesome!


dead link.


Fixed now.

Sheila N

You do realize that it was all Ted's fault for not having his property posted, right? Just listen to any of the news reports and they will repeat that info at least twice...Oh, and all the meat went to charity, so that just makes everything great! He did those poor people a favor, killing that elk AND he had to pay $135 for it! - what a nice guy - oh, and did I mention that it was Ted's fault because the property was not posted??


Hey, kiddies, at least the Republicans buy a license. Your DEMOCRAT governor, Tom Judge, killed an elk illegally in 1974, was fined $300 and lost his hunting privileges. That’s spelled p-o-a-c-h-i-n-g. Big diff from trespassing...


Excuse me, Captain Ignorance, but trespassing to hunt is p-o-a-c-h-i-n-g as well. Look it up. And what about those Burns' staffers and lobbying buddies taking illegal game?

Different fines, the same crime, cupcake. To me, the irony is that the day before Balyeat got busted, two young men men from Bozeman got caught taking an elk illegally in Yellowstone National Park. They didn't get to keep the game, and they face $15,000 fines and up to two years in Fed prison ... for, how did you express it? Trespassing.

To me, that's the truly humorous part, here. That Montana only fines $135 for trespassing to hunt almost invites people to do so. Hell, a canned hunt for elk, the likes of which Cheney so favors, would cost you a grand. But on Turner's private game preserve, it only costs $135. Cool.

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