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November 21, 2006


Shane C. Mason

Buought a new gun? A new truck? Sounds like a Montana mid-life crisis to me. ;)


Damnit, Wolfgar! You just made me incredibily homesick. Consider yourself virtually kicked in the shins.


And I cannot tell you how happy that Moorcat and I are that you made the choice to stay here. Almost as happy as we are about his choice to return.

Many happy days drivin' the rig and firin' the gun. 2 steps closer to being a MOOSE TRAPPER!!!!!!!!

Love ya....Britt


Gun totin' pickup truck drivin' libruls!?

Where am I!?

Montana, of course.


Good for you!

I'm a little shot myself at this point and would love to get out in the middle of nowhere. Maybe after I get the rice krispies out of all my envelopes...

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