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November 27, 2006



Like I said, this is just trash. You need a hobby or some volunteer work or something. I really see why most of your posts elicite at most 2 comments. Because you have nothing in your life worth talking about.

"I woke up, bummer, went outside, got the mail, and went back inside, turned on CNN." Who cares?


Stan...... Have you even *met* the man? Many of us have you know. And from that perspective you seem like a petty and pointless person.


I for one liked the story, especially the part where the buck skunked you. lol.

I am still getting used to this hunting culture again, and I like the fact that you were out in the woods, being patient, waiting for the right clear clean shot, and the buck got away.

Sorry for you though, but happy for the buck.

Like I said, this is just trash.

Like you said? You've never commented here before, Stanley. You really shouldn't talk back to the voices in your head, you know.

And certainly you must see how idiotic it is to suggest that someone 'get a hobby' when they've just described having spent the last several weeks hunting, don't you? So Stanley, other than acting like a total moron on the Internet, what do you do that's of interest?

In the future, if you simply must be an asshole, at least try to do it with a small amount of intelligence. Thanks.


Hey man, remember duck/ goose season goes long my friend. Just think there are MONTHS of frustration left! Well, it's frustration of the best kind. Great story - even though I filled my tags this year I can totally identify with your hunting saga. We've all got one or two of those (or a dozen, who's counting?)

And, never mind Stan. He's a tool. One man's trash in another's treasure. Clearly he's never been on the hunt, or understands why that is such an important part of being a Montanan for some. He can pass judgment elsewhere.

Sheila N

I have to admit that I am happy for the deer - they are sooo pretty! And fawns are just too too cute! So no sympathy here!


Wulfgar, There is room for you in Fergus County no doubt. My place is barely three hours from Boz Angeles' front door, just behind Eddies Corner. I will be around for hunting season again, but I have a funny feeling there is another run of life left for me in this rainy neck of the woods. I will explain later and I will take you up on the invitation!


Please come over to Helena and shoot a few of our pesky urban deer. (just kidding, but seriously -- I wish there were some kind of hunt allowed in the city limits. It's getting out of hand here and the people who say "awww, the deer are so beautiful/cute. We should leave them alone ..." are just in denial of the growing problem. Eventually if we do nothing, even they will be sqwuaking (sp?omg) about why the city isn't doing something!

I know, it's off the subject but everytime I read about Montana hunters I can't help but think about the deer who have eaten every last bit of green in our garden. sigh.

btw, people like stan should get a life.

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