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November 13, 2006



Better still: have them all change out of their stupid suits and fancy clothes and put on REAL working clothes: blue jeans and tee-shirts (or flannel shirts).

Seriously. THAT will go a long way towards making them seem truly HUMAN and connected to the vast majority of Americans.

Symbolic, yes, but symbolism can be powerful.

Hell of a lot more comfortable, too.


Another good start would be to announce that business, including roll call votes, will begin promptly at 8am on Monday and proceed until 6pm on Friday. This Tuesday-Thursday with the exception of caucus lunches, and other meetings needs to be curtailed.

Colby Natale

All I can say is Hell Yeah!


Until the Democrats prove that they can walk the walk, I'd find such demonstrations of spine and integrity a little hypocritical.

Let's not forget that until very recently most of these people supported the war and voted for most of the nasty stuff the president asked them to sign off on. And not only on Iraq and the War On Terror, but the civil rights stuff as well. DMCA? Gay marriage? Separation of church and state? Katrina finger pointing? Privacy protection?

Where were these people a couple years ago? Throwing down their jackets and ties and taking a stand? Or sitting on their hands and pouting?

It's easy to stage such theater when you're in the majority. Even if you're there through no fault of your own. I'm glad the Democrats are in the majority now, but I'll be judging them by their actions rather than their theater. And their actions over the last few years have left me pretty disgusted.


Sorry, Bucko. Not here you don't. W.

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