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October 19, 2006



Break an air-wave. Can I get that in Helena?


Only if the Moose has entered the 20th Century, which it appears they haven't.

Correct me if I'm wrong, Rob.


You're right, Craig. Just like the Bozeman paper, KMMS is perfectly contented with limited market share.

Gee Guy

How 'bout a podcast, Wulfgar?

Lady Di

We are going to start podcasting. If someone will just help me out. I am soooo close to figuring it out. KMMS is very low tech. I'd love to find a producer in the area that would help me produce the show. I've asked CeCe to call in tomorrow. Our call in number is 406.587.0171. See you on Saturday.


I'll be there, a tad late, but I will be there.



Seems like as long as you have the mix done beforehand, you shouldn't need to do much more than split the audio and run one of the outs into the line-in on a PC (or Mac).

You can then use Audacity (PC) or Garage Band (Mac) to cram it all down into .mp3 format at about 64Kbps.


I should also mention that the you'd have to check your voltages and impedances are all copacetic, lest you blow up your sound card; or worse. :)


If you asked Lady Di nicely, and shipped her a coupla bucks, I bet she could burn you a CD of the show at least. Podcasting, etc... durring a live show leads into licensing problems w/ Clearchannel. This is an ongoing problem, and the mgmt still hasn't seen the promise of advertising $ coming from the only progressive/liberal sho in the state. I'm thinking they could offer it out to all Clearchannel stations throughtout the state if they had a clue.


Ah. I was under the impression that the problem was technical.

Mark T

Caught a bit of the show driving around yesterday. Well done. But I have to ask - how many people do you suppose are listening? Does the station have any idea?


"How many people do you suppose are listening?"

Ha ha ha ha-- pWnD! Why, probably hundreds of Bozeman's more intune people listen to that excellent radio show.

(If you gotta point to make, make it. If you just want to go somewhere and insult the readers, then take it on back to Eric's place. W.

Eric Coobs

I also will be glad when this election is over.

Mark T

And I also.

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