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October 31, 2006


Al Z

How could you not include "28 Days Later" on this list?

Dave Budge
(Note to self, buy a Mossberg with a pistol grip next Buy-A-Gun day.)

Isn't every day Buy-A-Gun day?


Night of the Living Dead is a racist movie (nigger saves white woman). And they stole the end scene from Cool Hand Luke (1967).


Happy All Saints Day everybody!


OMG, I think my brain just melted out my ears a little bit at that music video. Heh. Great job, Rob!



Bunky, I know that Texans have about the same brain-power as a zombie, but find somewhere else to prove it, okay? There's nothing 'racist' about a black man saving a white woman. If anything, NOTLD is a better movie for showing what racial tension is really like under extreme circumstances.

Al Z, I seriously contemplated including 28 Days Later, but I have a difficulty with it. All zombie flicks are really, at heart, morality plays concerning the human condition. I don't really like either version of Day of the Dead, because they take it to the extreme and the characters become stereotypical ... to the point that you know who lives and who dies 15 minutes into the film. 28 Days was much better than that, but still suffered from taking the message too seriously. I felt it got 'preachy'. The zombie creatures are awesome, though. I love the almost glowing eyes.


28 Days Later

Seriously. It's the Near Dark of zombie movies.


Atmospheric, well written, and unsatisfying?

Yeah, that about sums it up.


Eric Coobs

That Dawn of The Dead where they were stranded at the mall is spooky as hell. My kids kept the hall lights turned on for a month after that one.


Is a pistol grip twelve gauge really on your wish list, or just your zombie repellent list? If it is buy a gun day, get real.


I am with Wulfgar on this one. The Benelli is a nice shotgun (though somewhat spendy) but for a nice, cheap and ultimately reliable shotgun for home defence, the Mossberg 500 is the boss. There is a reason that more law enforcement agencies in the us use this shotgun than any other.

There is also a plethera of add ons, modifications and down right evil things you can do with the Mossberg. Hell, Cabelas is now carrying a kit to add a drum magazine to the Mossberg (yes, I am resisting the urge - for now).

My second choice would be the SPAS 12 pump/autoloader. It isn't as nice as the Mossberg (it has been known to have jamming problems - mine never did, but I have known others that have experienced the problem) but anyone that have ever seen one can tell you just how MEAN they look...

Wulfgar, let me know when "Buy a Gun" day comes around and we can look at Mossbergs.


The SPAS is too heavy. I'll pass. And National Buy-a-gun day is April 15th. Nice fit, don't you think?

(I have the AK and it is bad ass. The 7.62 x.39 is on order.)

Eric Coobs

I haven't had my Mossberg on the gun rack for a couple of years now, I've got a little russian side-by-side 'coach gun' on there.

I always liked the double barrels in the westerns, and you need to change things up once in a while.


You need to come down and shoot... I got to play with the .308 yesterday and while I usually prefer the autoloaders, this .308 single is a tack driver. I simply wish I was up to the task of getting the full potential out of the gun.

Let me know how much the 7.62 ammo was. I will buy some myself. The SKS may not be as fun as the AK (arguable...) but I still love shooting it.

The SPAS is a brick but it is a MEAN brick. Just ask "Arnold"...


Moorcat-- Texans need to get a dick. Please tell us how.


WTF? I come here looking for politics & find zombies?

You don't have my all-time favorite movie on your list - "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things" is a classic.


It's kinda funny. I remember seeing the trailers for CSPWDT when I was kid, too young to see the movie. When I finally did see it, it was almost laughable. But it was fun, and a classic movie of the genre.

Derek M. Koch

Ah, you disappoint me with your disparaging comments re: the original 'Dawn of the Dead.' The remake may have had a bit more immediate terror, but it had no soul, no heart . . . and, I'm sorry, man . . . zombies DON'T RUN. It's a fact, brother . . . a FACT. :)

Otherwise, I love the list. Yes, the 'Frankenstein' flicks definitely belong on the list . . . (a guilty please of mine is Roger Corman's 'Frankenstein Unbound' . . . cheesy as hell, but I love it . . . )

The 'Re-Animator' flicks (the first two, anyway) are definitely top notch as well. (With how things are shaking down in DC now, I do wonder how the talked-about fourth 'Re-Animator' film ('House of Re-Animator,' featuring Hebert West in the White House!) will fare . . . )

'Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things' - Hehehe . . . Good stuff . . .

(I don't know about that 'Cash Only' flick you mentioned, though . . . I've seen it . . . probably more times than any one on the face of the planet . . . does it REALLY hold up . . . ? :) )


I am somewhat surprised that you didn't mention the Resident Evil movies... They were definitely about zombies - even they spend a lot of time focusing on "Lilu" jumping around like Jackie Chan.


What a great list! There's a couple on there that I haven't checked out. Will have to get those on my netflix list.

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