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October 18, 2006


Steven Lohrenz


Mark T

He singlehandedly managed to take the Iraq war and health care off the table, leaving us with not much to talk about. Yeah, I want him back.


Mark, he didn't 'singlehandedly' do any damn thing of the sort you describe. And I defy you to show me anyone who "wants him back" (one can only assume you mean as a Presidential candidate.)

But he is, and remains, the Junior Senator from the state of Massachusetts. As such, I admire his will to fight back against the assholes who attack with empty guns. You might want to take a step back, and admire the beauty of that as well.

Mark T

The war was festering and threatening to be an issue until Kerry came along as the Democratic candidate wanting to increase troop levels. The anti-war movement was left in the odd position of supporting a candidate based on its belief that he would't do as he said. They must have been communicating via a psychic medium.

Kerry only briefly mentioned health in the debates, only to push for catastrophic coverage. 70% of the public wants something a little more aggressive than that - that's something a dynamic leader could work with. But, as the NY Times said, there's no "political support" (read corporate) for such a position, meaning that money ruled Kerry as firmly as Bush.

He's free now to say what he pleases - MA will return him to office. When he was on the national staged, he wimped.


Kerry's still a Jew. So forget that.


He couldn't have been this mouthy with the Swiftboat Vets?

Oh well. Better late than never.

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