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October 25, 2006



If the pond is cleaned, we'll have to bring down the kids to set 'em on fire and dunk 'em in again. :)


Nice fencing job, my friend. I'll be tackling that project next summer.
In the meanwhile I'm still locked in mortal struggle with the old wiring in my house - I find it hard to believe what was done was EVER considered 'up to code', but I'm slowly getting that changed. Tell you what - you and Craig can come down and consult on the fence job while we enjoy some orange whips.


Good on you. You've turned decrepit into, ahem, unique.
And I mean that in a completely positive sense!
Really, I do. I just finally completed a dog fence project, an off/on nearly nine month project around our place today, and all but wept and kissed the ground.
The dogs like it, too.
But yours is a bitchin' fence, I must say. Has that industrial thing going!

DC Kidd

Your fence is like your politics: a heterogeneous pile of recycled shit.


And unlike the Republicants idea of defense, my fence keeps the dogs in and the assholes out. So DC wannabe, fuck you.


Awesome job, Dude. You do good work. And you can see your wofe's artistic side to it as well. Can't wait to come out and see the results in person. Sorry about the foot...damned wood. We need to make sure that particular board gets an extra special burning ceremony....something really horrendous.

Eric Coobs

I'm jealous.

I built a new shed up at Red Lodge this fall, got a coat of oil primer on it a month ago, and I'd still like to get a thin coat of paint on it this fall.


Awesome fence! It is going to age and weather beautifully as well. Can't wait to see it, and to help burn up the old one.

Eric Coobs

You can rejvenate those boards if you want a newer look.

Messmers has a product that you mix with water, spray it on, and it bubbles, kind of like alka-seltzer, and it takes the gray (dirt) out of the pores.

Then you can put a natural wood finish on it and it'll look like nearly new cedar.


Very cool - anybody wanna come help tear down part of the old feedlot?

Steve T.

Ah, Wulfgar... anyone who throws up their hands and says "FUCK THIS SHIT" during election-time blogging deserves a kudos, so here it is.

Just be sure to come back when it's all over.

MT Fem

"The other thing that has been keeping me quiet is an overwhelming cynicism I feel towards politics and the direction the country is headed."


DC Kidd


Sheila N

Oh, the fence! - it's even better in real life than in the pics! Except you need to move the ducks on the gate to the INSIDE where you can see 'em from the yard, not facing the alley!!! (Chris seemed to think that you would be less than thrilled with this suggestion, I wonder why?? LOL)

You should vote for Somebody's Teddy Bear and Frozen Peas, they have the nicest TV ads!

Rocky Smith

The nail got you in the foot? Be sure to check when you got your last Tetanus shot. You want to keep that foot- right? Anyway, the work you did looks like a nice improvement. Congrats!

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