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September 25, 2006



The universe owes you no more karma for doing this hobby than if you were stamp collecting.

Well said, I'm still laughing...and happy birthday!


Cake, hell! Where's the beer?

In all seriousness, thanks for the kind words and for your genuine friendship over the past 3+ years. I feel truly honored.

Gee Guy

Happy Annibirthary.

big mike

#5 - agreed.
To me, they show how good a blog can be.


Happy blogday!


Heya, you owe me a beer.

Bloggers don't require or expect everyone to keep up on everything, just go with what your passion is, or what is peevering you off at the moment. What more should be expected of a blogger, other than honesty?

Other than that, happy birthday Wulfgar!

Now I owe you a beer, and I want Key-Lime Cheesecake. Fark, I am demanding aren't I?


YAAAAAAAY!!!!! CAKE!!!!! And instead of painting your toenails this time, I'll superglue a pointy paper hat on your head, Wulfgar!!! Heh heh. All in the name of the blogday festivities, of course.

*runs and hides from the Wulfgar French Bread of DOOOOOM*

Sarpy Sam

Three years, keep up the good work. You made me look back at my archives, I'll be three years in a month myself. Tough to believe.

I second point 4. "If you want it to be personal, then make it personal." Too many bloggers lose that "home town" feel by not being personal. It just gets old after a while.

Thanks for the kind words about visiting my place. I'm kinda embarrassed by the plug. Flattered, but embarrassed at the same time.


Tip of the hat Rob....


After I'd been blogging three years I found it was better to tell everyone to go fuck themselves and never come back. It's worked out quite well actually. I never respond at all to people who haven't been invited to Sharon's annual party. I read many other blogs, but (other than this one) I rarely comment.

The "are you welcome at my sister's house" rule works pretty well.

But you my friend prefer setting up a box in the village square and letting it fly. I admire you for that.

Eric Coobs

Thanks for the blurb.

Tell you what - I promise not to kick sand in your face this week, so you can enjoy your anniversary, OK?


Eric, you're an ass. No Republicans allowed so go back to your slimey bog and leave us all alone.


Alex, I do allow Republicans here, and welcome them ... when they are Republicans/Conservatives/people trying to make their way honestly. The only folk I reject are the truly stupid, or the meaninglessly mean.

Eric can kick sand all he wants. It just shows that he really doesn't get this whole "Internet" thingy. And that's fine with me.

Paul Tillich argued that we are often known by our oppositions ... our nemesis. I should be flattered that Eric thinks himself so mighty in stance against me. As Jebidiah Springfield would say, it "embiggens me".


Thanks for inspiring me to not shut up.
Congrats on three years...
I never could write anything good on birthday cards.


Happy blogiversary!


Hey Rob, thanks for the props, and congrats on the blog-o-versary! I'm rapidly approaching the end of my first year, wow, three years, seems so far away. You're exactly right though, there's no reason that anybody needs to hate anyone else simply because of their political ideology. It's no different than hating someone because of their race or religion, nothing more than a demonstration of ignorance and bigotry. If this country is to survive, let alone be as great as it once was, we all need to get along and work together.



Wulgar: It's good to hear you're getting ready to kill yourself. If at all possible, make a video and put it up on YouTube.


Hey, troll-boy, if I knew how to post to YouTube after killing myself, wouldn't you think that dipsticks like you would be in a heap of haunted trouble? Just sayin' ...

Matt Singer

I'd offer a tribute, but as usual, your words do it better.

Here's to three more, if you want 'em.

Mark T

Just curious - did this Monty guy who just posted have my IP again? I've a hunch who it is.


You still rock at life. :)

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