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September 08, 2006


Shane Mason

I am sure he is a nice guy to some folks, but I have a difficult time finding him a 'friendly' as he has never done anything but 'criticize' me.


From this post over at Shane's place:

Craig - when I was a kid, we lived by the dog pound, and I liked running a stick along the cages to hear them all bark. That's my particular pathology - I love to hear them bark, all at once.

Mark T

Wulfgar - I have never posted under the name Monty. Please investigate further.

I'm serious.

Mark T

Here's what was written:

"WRIM gets tons of traffic, and I think Eric plays us like a $2 harmonica. Beneath that dumb exterior lay the calculaating mind of a genius. If he and WRIM didn't matter, you wouldn't get so upset."

This is odd. I did write that. The name under it is "Mark T" - like I always write. It doesn't say "Monty." There's nothing in that post I'd want to hide. How that became "Monty" in your mind I do not know. I didn't write "Monty" by accident, I didn't write "Monty" on purpose, I didn't write "Monty" when I was drunk. When I post my name, there's a drop down cascade of names I've used available to me - mispellings and different ways of writing "Mark T, Markt, Mark Tokarski a Bozeman CPA, or plain old Mark. There is no "Monty." Please elucidate!

I know how this game is played - over at our blog, we get an IP for everything that is posted, though I've never checked any out. If I wanted to post under a different name and get away with it, I would get to get on a different computer using a different ISP. Easily enough done, but way too much trouble.

I generally don't pull punches or suffer fools. I've found Shane to be predictably a by-the-numbers Democrat, though I don't mind Craig. I don't care that they don't like me. I don't get on the Internet to make friends, as I'm not dealing with real people, but rather anonymous wonks, like myself. If I wanted to make nicey, I would. If I wanted to post under a pseudonym, as I used to way back when ("Harley D"), I would. Odd thing though - even when I was Harley D, people knew who I was. Got that?

This is reaaly troubling. That's all I can say. If you found you've made a mistake in attacking me here, I'd appreciate a public apology. I've got a firery temper myself, so I can relate to you, but I also know that if I screwed up and defamed someone like you have me here, I'd make it right.

Harley D

IT Manager

Mark-- Pay no attention to Wulfgar’s IP address nonsense. IP addresses are almost always dynamically assigned as needed. Only the IP range is fixed. In a few cases, a subscriber might request a fixed (static) IP address, but I doubt if that applies to you.

Mark T

I don't understand IP's and all of that. From what I can tell here, Wulfgar accused me of trolling, but when I went and looked for the place I supposedly trolled, I found a post where I used my real name, and where he inserted a comment saying that I was not really "Monty" but Mark. Makes no sense. I'm calling substance abuse here.

IP addresses are almost always dynamically assigned as needed.

Whatever computer Mark uses doesn't appear to have a dynamic IP. The three comments he's made on my blog (several months apart) are all from the same IP, which is the one Wulfgar listed.

Mark T

I'm fine with that Jeff - what I'm saying is that on the post that was made where Wulf accused me of trolling, I used the name "Mark T". His itemizing my IP proves nothing except that when I posted that day, I was me, just like always.

Wulf is off base here.


There will be no public apology, Mark, save that you can offer evidence not currently in record. Jeff is absolutely correct and "IT manager" is just another troll. I'm not off base at all, and i find it rather lame that any would expect the Sunday lull to protect them until at least Monday. I give the reported IP until tomorrow morning. Then it will be banned. (Email correspondance has ensued. Let's see who can rise to the occasion.)

Mark T

This is absurd!

My case - I urge anyone interested to follow the steps below to see where I supposedly sinned.

1) Go to the thread titled "They Ought to Make a Comic Strip of This", down below. 2) Click on it and go to the thirteenth post down. It says

"WRIM gets tons of traffic, and I think Eric plays us like a $2 harmonica. Beneath that dumb exterior lay the calculaating mind of a genius. If he and WRIM didn't matter, you wouldn't get so upset."

Now this is where you accuse me of trolling. Right? Notice two things: 1) The name on the post is "Mark T." It is not, as you claim, "Monty." 2) Click on the name "Mark T", and it will take you to my web site, Piece of Mind.

Now, granted, You could have changed the name on that post from "Monty" to Mark T, but would you also have gone to the trouble of entering my web site?

This is wacky! That's all I can say. Wulf, I'm accusing you of substance abuse. That's all I can make of this. You have made an off-the-wall accusation, you haven't examined the evidence, and are playing judge, jury and executioner.

If anyone will go to the suspect post, you will see what I see - no crime.

Ridiculous. Apology is owed.

You're welcome at our website anytime. I'll accuse you of nothing.

Mark T

Well, I've had an email exchange with Mr. Kailey, and from what he has shown me there, there was indeed a nasty email exchange between him and a person calling himself Monty and using a bogus email address, and using my IP address.

It was not me, but I have to say, the evidence is pretty damning. the IP address is mine. I look guilty as hell.

But I'm not.

This Monty guy went right for the jugular - he didn't discuss anything posted, but rather put up personal insults. While it was going on, Rob was asnwering him as if it were me, and I was happily unaware of it all. Today is the first I've known of it. I just stumbled over here this AM and read the accusatory post, and pow, here I am, j'accuse.

So it goes. If any of you techies out there can tell me how I go about changing my IP number, I'd be grateful. Since Rob has been so gracious as to publish it here, I think it's gotten around now.

God this sucks. I can see why people are getting out of blogging. It's been taken over by trolls. I am not one of them.


I never said I didn't like you, Mark, only that I find you arrogant and condescending.

Mark T

Well, Craig, for what it's worth, someone piggybacked on my IP. It has to be someone who a) knows my IP, and b) whom I've offended. Bloggers where I have posted know my IP. I've posted over at your site. I've offended you now and again. Same with Shane Mason. Both you and Shane were right on top of this thread this AM, within twenty minutes of it being put up. Pretty jonnyonthespot.

Could it be one of you two? We'll never know now who the real troll is. Will we.

By the way, it has to be someone who is up late at night, as the exchanges that Rob showed me were time stamped well after my bed time. Are you a night owl?

Just curious.


I read my regular blogs with Bloglines, so I typically see posts shortly after they go live. But that's beside the point, since my response was 24 hours after the original post.

You've admitted to being a "troll" in the classic sense, so I can't say that the notion surprised me overmuch.

However, if you think you've offended me enough for me to take the time and effort to do something like this, then you really have an over-inflated sense of your own importance.

People don't tend to get too far under my skin until they start making overt threats against me or my family. Then the gloves come off.

But an IP address spoof?

Solly cholly. Got better things to do.

Shane Mason

Mark T.

Did you just acuse me of doing this? I only find you mildly iritating and not effective at accomplishing anything. Whatever dude, I am not defending myself to you.


Err...12 hours.

Eric Coobs

Not to worry, as you read the opening post, I get the blame for all trolls.





Eric, your cranial-rectal inversion is showing. Only you could take a slam against your skills and your website and make it appear in your own mind as if you are the victim of unfounded allegation. You're not being smart; you're not being funny; and considering that most people who read this are technically sound and actually understand English, you're really looking like a tool. So shut up, and bite me.


Oh Wulfgar that reminds me of a story but nevermind. I didn't know you could use somebody else's IP address.

As if a poor girl couldn't get creeped out enough by something like this:



Wulfgar, I'm with you. I can't even keep up with all the 'he did, she did' nonsense. It's bush league and beneath you.

It reminds me of an old Montana Grizzly sports message board. They finally just shut it down because about 2% talked about football, and the rest argued about who said what and when and who was a tool. Then they started emailing the admins, etc., etc. Guess what, no more website.


Mark T

Someone hijacked my IP number and posted some scurrilous stuff here. In a thoughtless moment, I intimated that it might have been Craig of mtpolitics.net. I know it wasn’t. I apologize for that.

In looking around for ways to prevent this from happening again, I did find that there are loads of software out there for issuing false IP's, and I'm going to guess that said software could also be used for hijacking.

But the whole thing has turned me off, left me with a sick lump in my belly. In the end, I offend people, and the coarse reaction I got here was an opportunity for people to jump on me who had been harboring grudges. In the end, I made my own bed. Now I sleep in it. I like to think that I don't care what people think - often I truly don't. But most times the blind that exists between me and recipients of comments - my computer screen - releases inhinbitions, and I let go with comments that I would not make face-to-face. That's not good. I'm going to try and change my ways. Bear with me.

Mark T

Ah, fuck it. I can't be nice.

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