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September 29, 2006



Okay, I've read the articles you linked, and a few more... This really is a joke, right? Just an example that elected gov't officals and the media really do have a sense of humour, right? RIGHT?!?


Hoisting one to the America that used to be.

I wonder if I can claim political asylum in Canada...

Mark T

Like, people told you so - that whatever can be done to others will be done to us. People who don't care about human rights for foreigners likely don't care about them for Americans either.

The only thing that has ever protected us is the bill of rights, stained by the blood of patriots. It wasn't given to us. We took it - people foought long and hard to secure those rights (usually without support of the major political parties.) If we are inattentive to our rights, we will lose them.

To quote Nader - if you don't do politics, politicians will do you.

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