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September 08, 2006



I've never understood why some are so reluctant to register their guns. We register ourselves (SSN, driver's license, voter reg) and we register our vehicles, so why wouldn't we register deadly weapons?

As someone who's had a gun pointed in her face (in California), I believe people ought to be held accountable for them.

Larry E

I believe that Bob is confusing military regulations with California state law. When living on a military facility, all firearms must be registered. If he was living in military barracks, he is prohibited from storing firearms in the barracks and must secure them at the military armory. This may be the case with base married housing but I'm not certain.


Thank you for the clarification, Larry. I honestly did not understand at all what Bob was talking about; and I remain totally confused as to why he was blaming Democrats and/or liberals.


Actually, it is even more complicated than what Larry related. Having lived for 9 years dealing with the military, even rules, base to base are different.

As far as married housing, most bases have the same rules that the barracks do. To give an example, my son was not allowed a firearm in his apartment in married housing because the rules on that particular base in Washington do not even allow guns on the base without having them checked into the armory. Now the fact that the base also houses the Pacific Nuclear Weapon storage facility might have something to do with it...

Anyway, Once again, Bob is (while maybe not outright lying like he did to begin with...), mis-representing the truth. The Democrats (in fact any civilian authority) have no say what so ever when it comes to what a military establish allows in the way of weapon storage or registration. Those policies are set by the Dept of Defence, The National Military Command, and the Base Authority.

In short, Bob is just another bed wetter that fears our Nazi government will swoop down on him (with some Democrat dressed in Valkyrie Costume in the forefront), and take all his guns (and rights) at the point of a flaming sword. What a wingnut...



Maybe we're going about this the wrong way. Those of us who don't agree with the NRA's scare tactics, etc. instead of not joining, should join the NRA and start infiltrating the organization.

Possibly if enough of us joined we would influence how the NRA does business.

Then they could really have something to be afraid of. :)


I think we should make fun of the NRA for being such frightened bedwetters about issues that don't exist and their inability to recognize that their own fears makes them far too willing to flush their shameful reminders down the drain and leave the rest of us to clean up the mess.

Hey Patia, we'll have to trade stories some day.


Patia, I would ask that you don't confuse the gun with the gun owner. Yes, I'm all for holding irresponsible gun OWNERS accountable for their actions - but I don't believe that attempting to license/regulate the weapons is the answer. If anyone threatens another person with a weapon - ANY weapon, be it gun, knife, baseball bat, pointy stick, or whatever - then that individual needs to be disciplined.
I've been a gun owner, and gotten considerable pleasure from target shooting - something that isn't as easy to get good at as most might think. I never hunted simply because I didn't need to get food that way, and killing things for sport just doesn't appeal to me.
It always amazes me when people start 'going off' about guns - as if they're somehow inherently EVIL, as opposed to a bow and arrow, sword, knife, club, or even a big rock. Criminy, people, you can kill another human being with a ball-point pen or an ordinary pencil; do we outlaw those next, or do we deal with those borderline psychopathic individuals that would be a threat to others no matter WHAT weapons we outlaw? Is it 'fair' and 'right' to deny the 99+% of responsible gun owners the right to exercise their freedoms so as to have a bigger legal weapon against the fraction of a percent that aren't? How is outlawing ALL guns because SOME gun owners use them illegally any different than outlawing ALL cars because SOME drivers drive drunk?


Criminy, people, you can kill another human being with a ball-point pen or an ordinary pencil

Sure, but the reality is that I was mugged by someone with a gun, not a pointy stick.

How is outlawing ALL guns because SOME gun owners use them illegally any different than outlawing ALL cars because SOME drivers drive drunk

Who said anything about outlawing guns or cars? Some of us just think both should be registered.

I also think people ought to be required to demonstrate some basic skills and awareness before they can operate a gun (or a car).

Granny, yes, let's. My story has a funny twist!

Mandy, I like your idea! I'd do it.


I just have one thing. To those who think guns should have to be registered. Do you really think that a criminal would take the time to register their gun? It's not the people who are law abiding citizens that scare me, it's the criminals. In
N.C. we have to apply for a gun permit before purchasing a gun of any type. Then we wait for I believe it is three days for a cool down period. I don't think the neighborhood gang members are standing in line to register for a gun permit nor are they going to buy a gun from a reputable dealer. They will get them from the next crook on the street. There are too many ways,in this country, to get a gun to expect gun regestraiton to make a real differance.


i feel it is sad that so many of you have such a low opinion of the NRA. i happen to be a member and am proud of that fact. the NRA is not out to scar anyone they are simply looking out for the rights of responsable gun owners. i live in ohio and have a concealed carry license for several reasons, mostly because i am transgendered and i feel much safer being armed to protect myself from hate crimes. as for registering guns i have to agree with what has been said in favor of it and i also would agree that a crimminal would not be regestering their guns. when you take guns away from the law abiding poeple you leave society defenseless against thugs, theivs, rapists and robbers. to me that is unacceptable. i have been the victim of rape and i tell you now if i had been carrying my glock their would be a couple less people on this earth. i was also in the military, naval special warfare in a branch labeled EOD and am honestly not too familiar with all of the procedures for storing guns on base since i was able to carry my sidearm with me at all times on base ( i was stationed in gitanimo bay cuba ) now my duty weapons had to be stored in the armory like my rifel and other ordinance. i would have to agree also with the criticism of Bob being totally full of crap, its really sad that some poeple feel the need to lie to puff themselves up and inflate themselves. he must feel quite inadequite to do so. there have been some good comments here as well as some i do not agree with but the beauty of this country is that we have the right to freely express ourselves and that is a thing of beauty. ohh one more thing, i happen to be a liberal democrat and with everything said about that particular group i would say this... we are not all alike nor do we all have the same idea or ideals. i hope i have not cast anything that may be construed as insulting to anyone here with the exception of Bob. i feel opinions are like a$$h0l3s, everyone has one and some of them stink :) be well and may the god's bless and keep you always. Jasmine


p.s sorry for the typos. also that was supposed to say the NRA is not out to scare anyone not to scar anyone LOL sometimes my typing is quite awefull.


Sorry to tell you guys but the government is trying hard to get to the point that they know where every fire arm is. Which happened in Poland. they collected the guns fast. Die with our guns in our hands meany of us will. So why make it easyer for them. You think the govermnent is scared of our guns Hah they have wepons that make our puny guns look silly. can they shoot you through a solid wall yes they can, they have inforred scopes which will let them know just where you are in a house. or just gas every one in the house by by good night that is all its over. So lets all put some more liberal pukes in office like California so they can take our guns away a pice at a time no more bullets or what ever so keep your useless guns you might as whell have a club.

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