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August 31, 2006



Anyone else find if vaguly wierd that not a single woman blogger was covered? And that only one blogger not at the party was covered, ie. Eric Cobbs. Or is that just me?

Eh. It was what it was, I for one enjoyed it.

Eric Coobs

Rob, thanks for the blurbs, but be careful, your envy is showing again!

Dave Budge

I thought it was strange that he didn't mention Craig at all. But I think he was trying to tie the whole thing together with the Senate race. Those who have stayed out of that weren't part of the discussion. Too bad really.

Shane Mason

And that only one blogger not at the party was covered, ie. Eric Cobbs. Or is that just me?

Yeah, he did the right a disservice there. He should have dropped the troll and put Carig in the story.


First, thank you for this writeup. As always it is well done and provides a great insight.

I have to take issue with something here. You seem to meander around the idea that 'liberal is bad, please don't call us that'

Calling what we do "liberal Internet activism" is buying into a biased stereotype and undeserved

I think that by denying the word 'liberal' you are buying into the demonization of this word by the right over the last couple of years. Demonize the words, then associate the opponent with the demonized is a ploy they have done over and over. They use association. Cut and run liberal. Tax and spend liberal

I am not going to insult you by pasting the real definition of liberal. We know that it is about having a broad mind, favoring reform and prograssive stances, caring for others, seeing nuances etc etc. I am proud to be a liberal and I am proud that you are a liberal too.

I am sure that you have good reasons for not wanting to be a partisan liberal, and they may have nothing to do with what I have said here. However, I for one and sick and tired of the right stealing our language.

Shane Mason

OK, the italics got a little away from me, insert whatever emphasis you like. :)


Thanks for the props, Rob. I do appreciate it. I still think there are people who are amazed that you and I can be in the same room and not try to knock each other's teeth out.

At any rate, the story, as I read it was about D's vs. R's, and many of us small "c" conservatives and small "l" libertarians didn't self-identify as R's. Therefore, we ended up on the cutting room floor.

Shrill, raving liberal. Hoo boy! :D


Fair enough . . .just wait for the ROAR!
;) cece

Colby N.

The italics have run mad!

I found the article interesting because it attempted to say so much about something so simple. As I read it, it seemed like the point was that the selected people were so great and newsworthy because they read, pay attention to their elected officials, and say something about it. In a perfect world (or just a better one) all of those things would be normal, not impressive.

another thing...

I have to ask where the author got the "political bent" section of the blogger profiles. I would hope that you were all asked, yet I cannot imagine any of you, who normally have so much to say, answering that question with a simple "Democrat".

Finally, it did make me a little proud to see something that so few people pay attention to get some attention. Maybe, in a few years, more people will pay attention to this crazy system of ours...


I read the article on Montana blogger via Kos. You sound like an interesting bunch, but you stood out because I have a place in my heart for "rabid partisan liberals." And even if you don't see yourself that way, that's OK, your writing certaily makes up for that.

Plus I am just crazy about the description of republicans as Yellow Elephants...shivering fear junkies. I have been calling them bedwetting thumbsuckers, but your description fits them so much better I may borrow it. I hope you don't mind.

Good luck to you. We're all going to be watching as Tester wins in Nov.


You'd think the whole state was all bloggers - all of which are liberal.

Not true at all.

And not ONE mention of the Monkey!?!? :-)


Finally, a chance to respond.

Cece, none of the Intelligent Discontent folk were at the party, either. However, I like your point about no women being interviewed. Women have a growing voice in the blogoworld (and if any paid attention, they would know that many women have a solid leadership role on the right side of the break.) Many women on the left are still catching up. That might be a post for the future.

Dave, point well agreed. And, even though you're wrong about everything ~wink~ I think a libertarian entry would have helped soften the harsh devide written into the article.

Shane, I agree with you, but within the article context is key. I refer you to Craig's post about cultural literacy. Like it or not, liberal has become a perjoritive. Perhaps I am a little weak in trying to take the word back ... again, maybe a post for another time.

Craig, I think Jeff said it best:

What I got out of it:


b) Rob will come to my apartment and strangle me with piano wire if I disagree with the Democratic party.

Colby, I talked to John for a grand total of 3 minutes, hardly what you'd call a proper interview. His questions were very direct and I answered them as directly as I could, but there wasn't a whole lot of room for nuance or explaination. And yes, I did tell him that I am a Democrat. What I got from the article was that what that means to him and what that means to me are two entirely different things.

Kewalo, thanks.

Monkey, sorry dude.

And finally, Eric:

Bite me. I have many feelings about your website, but envy is your own fantasy. You forget, I had to deal with the Mellon troll before you; I just had the intelligence and courage to smack him down. You, on the other hand, let him fight your battles for you. Now why would I envy that?

Eric Coobs

You can have back any of your former trolls.....be my guest!

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