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July 14, 2006



I'd say Israel, but I think that's fairly obvious. I also have the urge to discuss global warming.

I keep forgetting to listen when you're on. Hopefully I'll remember. I'll try to call in if I do.


You can alwasy start a firestorm in Bozeman talking about the library.

Wacko Lib

Why not devote a segment to blogs?

Many people still do not even know what they are or how to find them.

Oh, and why not say something to aggrevate Sinrud? You know he will be listening.

MT Fem

How about asking your Republican women listeners to call in and tell you why they would possibly vote for Conrad Burns? Suggesting that he is a mysogynist might be fun, since it is true.

Wacko Lib

Great show. I told you Sinrud would be listening. It was nice of his wife to call up and let you know that she wouldn't be voting for Tester BECAUSE OF YOU!

"I know what you look like"? Was that a veiled threat of some kind?

Understood, my friend, but this sentence redacted for the protection of all ... W.

Oh, and why not say something to aggrevate Sinrud? You know he will be listening.

I don't know if Wulfgar was trying, but holy hell, something had Sinrud pissed.

Not only do you have a hateblog, now you're a character assassin. All hail Wulfgar's campaign of personal destruction!

Can I be a character assassin, too? Sinrud's a moron. There, I've now assassinated his character. No doubt he will soon be destroyed by the sheer power of this blog.


I gotta admit, Sinrud's call didn't surprise me. I wanted to get him to admit the awesomeness of his response, but no luck.

"Heather", on the other hand, did surprise me. I honestly bit my lip, because the very first thing that started to come out of my mouth was : "That's got to be the dumbest fucking thing I think I've ever heard."

I really have to remember to look at the number ID when these people call in.

Sinrud is still just pissed because I went after his wife for writing a letter that was the second dumbest thing I've ever heard, equating two days in the legislature with being shipped off to Iraq. So I think we're seeing a pattern here. John Sinrud: unstable. Kim Sinrud: really really dumb.

Shane M

OK, I am a day late and a dollar short here. To beat it all, I am going to be predictable!

-Conrad Burns campaign financing
-Why senatorial candidates are allowed to receive donations from out of state entities at all.
-Why any candidate is allowed to receive donations from corporations or ideological groups.
--I know one answer will be "Because senators make decisions that effect all these groups."

-My answer: "Then let the individual employees or members donate and vote for the senator of their choice".

In short: I would talk about how "IF YOU CAN'T CAST A VOTE, YOU SHOULDN'T BE ALLOWED TO DONATE".

And the broken record that is Shane C Mason skips on...

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